My Article Read (11-16-2014) (11-17-2014)




  1. He Heals the Brokenhearted

  2. HE LIFTS US UP: God’s Plan

  3. HE LIFTS US UP: Walking in Obedience

  4. HE LIFTS US UP: So Many Hurting People…

  5. Pray for People in Need Ministries, India

  6. Nuggets – God Knows Me

  7. Pinkie Promise to My Readers

  8. SNL Cold Open 11.15.14 – A Drink At The White House

  9. Ohio Thugs Shoot Son , Mom Shoots Back … Thanks To A Gun

  10. Maryland Elementary School Survey Offers Warning To All Parents Of State-Educated Kids

  11. Sunday Respite: ‘Us and Them’

  12. Intelligence test

  13. Models

  14. The Roar

  15. Refuse to Lose Heart

  16. More fallout on Gruber

  17. 2 faces of Landrieu – evolution in action

  18. ‘Feminist’ banned from being banned: TIME removes frontrunner from word banishment poll, apologizes

  19. David Axelrod calls Gruber ‘stupid,’ gets asked a ‘great question’

  20. New term: ‘Grubering’ and how it applies to Climate Alarmism

  21. Executive Amnesty – Dictatorial Fiat? Prosecutorial Discretion? Shredding The Constitution? Or Becoming a Parody Unto Himself….

  22. Video – President Obama “Just Heard About” The Controversy – Jonathan Gruber “Never Worked On Our Staff”….

  23. Quote Of The Day — November 16, 2014

  24. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Meet Joe Chambers

  25. Was Our National Cathedral Defiled?

  26. Defiant Obama Plans to Use His Power on Immigration and Keystone XL

  27. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  28. Happy Caturday

  29. Remember to share in the victory of your brothers and sisters. When one is blessed, we are all blessed.

  30. The White House Really Doesn’t Want You To Listen to the Guy Paid $400,000 to Craft ObamaCare

  31. Clearing Up Net Neutrality

  32. Will pro-life women vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 just because she is a woman?

  33. Barracuda Brigade | Christians ➡ The World’s Most Persecuted Minority!

  34. Harold Hamm: Keystone XL Is ‘Not Relevant’ After 6-Year Delay

  35. Republicans Weigh Government Shutdown to Stop Obama on Amnesty

  36. Got him! Jihadi John is ‘wounded in US airstrike on secret bunker meeting of ISIS high command’

  37. Crisis in Mexico: The Protests for the Missing Forty-Three

  38. Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth

  39. Melissa Francis Silenced by CNBC and finally Huffington Post says something about Gruber…

  40. What do Monsanto, Roundup herbicide, Used Books, and Trader Joe’s have in common?…

  41. MOTUS just made our Sunday a whole lot brighter…

  42. Post-Obamacare Syndrome Gruber Therapy®

  43. This group won 91 percent of Congressional races in which they endorsed a candidate

  44. There is no Vision when you Have Scales on your Eyes…

  45. Why Did CNN Think That We Need to be Warned Before Hearing the National Anthem?

  46. For Effect…

  47. When you see the Dots all Connected, it makes perfect sense

  48. Tony Abbott gives Obama the finger:

  49. No worries, it’s only a greenie.


  1. Brit Hume reduces progressivism to its essence in 30 seconds

  2. Why an Iran nuclear deal probably won’t happen

  3. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  4. Throw Down The Gauntlet – The Washington Free Beacon Rises To Obama’s Challenge…

  5. America recognizes Allah as their god, saying “Thee do WE worship.”

  6. Troops not an option says Obama

  7. What’s In Store For Me on Bark Europa & In Antarctica

  8. Power of digital programs

  9. About leaders

  10. Branco Cartoon – I’m From the Government

  11. King Solomon, Atheism, God’s Creatures

  12. Facebook Slams The Door On Political Campaigns

  13. Obama wants Ferguson anarchists to ‘stay on course’

  14. Inadequate Conception Of Sin

  15. Quote Of The Day — November 17, 2014

  16. WHY???

  17. And You Read Your Bible When . . .?

  18. A Monday Morning Saving Tip…

  19. 20% of people using site are having problems with their accounts?

  20. Reintroducing The Devil To The Church

  21. Thoughts on parenting, printers, and pictures of underwear

  22. Monochrome Monday: A Balinese Woman

  23. Say once, that you are mine!

  24. Your future is not in safe hands:

  25. Spineless bureaucrats in uniform:

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