My Article Read (11-15-2014)




  1. Simplifying Worship–Offering the “Calves of Our Lips”

  2. Nuggets – Walking in the Spirit

  3. CB contributors – Has anyone told you they love you today?

  4. “For Such a Time as This”

  5. ‘Weapons grade owning’: Jake Tapper shreds Sen. Chris Murphy’s dismissal of Gruber comments

  6. National Urban League PSAs push Common Core; Teachers and parents push back

  7. The greatest achievement!

  8. The smallest achievement

  9. BARRACK-AST: Stupid People Defend Man Who Calls Them Stupid

  10. Calvary Chapel Throws Man Out For Wanting To Talk About The Islamic Persecution Of Christians

  11. Pelosi repeals history

  12. Taboo meets reality

  13. Gruber out Grubered himself

  14. The Gruber story that didn’t exist does

  15. The Cross – Where Love Silenced the Lying Voice of Shame

  16. These Marines just pulled off a dance routine that will make you proud to be an American

  17. Student fights back against Michelle Obama’s national food ban

  18. The Comfort of Christ

  19. “Put Your Fourteen-Year-Old into the Care of Pedophiles?” Now a Relevant Question for U.S. Citizens

  20. Big Money Pushing Barack Obama on Amnesty

  21. Kennewick Man Came From Polynesia

  22. New AT&T Cell Phones To Be Free Of Tracking Codes

  23. Daily Quote 11.15.14

  24. Trey Gowdy On Obama’s Impeachment Insurance: “Have You Met Joe Biden” ?

  25. Buffalo Police to Confiscate Guns from Families of Dead People

  26. So how many poor people have gun control groups fed?

  27. Sheila Jackson Lee gets offered matches after vowing to set herself on fire for Obama

  28. Ted Cruz creates special video for Gruber: ‘Jon, please see Ted after class!’

  29. Gruber knew Americans would lose job-based insurance

  30. Sebelius Confronted With Question About Gruber Comments — You Can Probably Guess How She Responded | Video

  31. Is Russia preparing for World War III

  32. Quote Of The Day — November 15, 2014

  33. House Approves Keystone Pipeline

  34. Please, GOD, Let THIS Happen !!!

  35. Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise

  36. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  37. Westminster Massachusetts Meeting Explodes As Town Board Tries To Remove More Citizen Freedom….

  38. #Grubering Becomes More Serious As People Dig Deeper…

  39. Former FBI Director Lays Blame For Ferguson Aftermath Directly At Feet of Eric Holder and The DOJ Tone of Hate Toward Law Enforcement…

  40. Vulgar/Racist Teacher’s Administration: You Can’t Quit,… You’re Fired !

  41. The Best Ocean Adventures on Oahu

  42. Michigan Theatre

  43. An Evening With Eugene “Hideaway” Bridges!

  44. Father, whose son was killed by illegal alien, asks Obama to write EO to bring his son back…

  45. Feel Good Story: Jihadi Car Bomb Factory Blows Up in Iraq…

  46. Reserve Glory for the Perfect One.. for HE is Jealous of His Rightful Honor…

  47. When God Pulls The Plug

  48. The dance of atheism

  49. The Rain of God’s Wrath is Coming

  50. Who did chain up your feet?

  51. A Guelder Rose but no Gorillas.

  52. The Grudge

  53. Finally she comes out of hiding. PREACH IT!!

  54. Delusional

  55. Francis Porretto nails it.

  56. ‘Is Britain the New Lebanon?’

  57. Hey, Remember When Barack Obama Promised To Follow The Constitution?


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