My Article Read (11-14-2014)




  1. A Quiet Clash at the Swedish Foreign Ministry

  2. ‘Slutshirt shamed’! ‘Feminist bullies’ just made a comet scientist cry over his ‘sexist’ shirt

  3. GOP Midterm Election Win Bigger than Americans Realize

  4. Will Going Further Left With Socialist Elizabeth Warren Kill the Democrat Party?

  5. Gruber Part III: Obama Was in the Room

  6. Quote Of The Day — November 14, 2014

  7. Trey Gowdy: Ultimate Argument Why We Shouldn’t Impeach Obama

  8. Vote Tally Count Keystone XL Pipeline

  9. Romney and Bush colluded giving $500 M a year for Romneycare

  10. Matt Walsh: women need to take responsibility for their failed relationships

  11. Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Lines and Angles

  12. Obama the Uni-President – Uni-Bama

  13. Trader Joe’s, decluttering, and a recommendation…

  14. Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus: Dems lost midterms because of racist southern whites…

  15. Demo Senator Mary Landrieu down by 16 points in Louisiana?

  16. Until I Get There

  17. Do you grieve the Holy Spirit of God?

  18. Dim Sum – Sharing experiences – Travel in wonderment

  19. Shalommite – SoS Saturday

  20. Nuggets – Lo, I Come

  21. Secrets and Deception (of The Book of Esther)

  22. King Solomon on the Economics of Oil

  23. Putting on the Armor of God in the Face of Mental Illness

  24. Finding the Courage to Face a Serious Illness

  25. The Act of Contrition from a Kid’s Perspective

  26. Bad Company Corrupts Good Character

  27. Doughnuts Are Bad For You

  28. Givers Or Takers


  30. Obama is doing it out of revenge

  31. As the Enemy Floods in, God Raises His Standard!

  32. A Warning to the Church

  33. How One School May Be Spinning A School Assignment About Islam Has One Mother Demanding Answers

  34. ‘Sleeping Giant’ Remains Silent No Longer, KKK Threatens ‘There Will Be Consequences’ in Ferguson

  35. Lonja de la Seda

  36. Pomegranate the tree of knowledge

  37. Nod the Dog

  38. Amnesty – A Dictator’s Criminal Enterprise

  39. At last!

  40. Why Are Benghazi Massacre Witnesses Turning Up Dead?

  41. All Options on the Table: Does John Boehner Mean It?

  42. New York Times Condemns Decisions of Voters

  43. Black Committeewoman Targeted by #Ferguson Protestors

  44. About managing weight

  45. Look at a store’s window

  46. Nearly 2/3′s Oppose FCC Internet Regulation

  47. Park Rangers Attempt To Boot Wounded Warrior Surfers From Beach … On Veteran’s Day

  48. School district scraps ALL religious holidays under pressure from Muslims

  49. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  50. Understanding The Scope Of The Obama/Gruber Lies Within ObamaCare…..

  51. Barracuda Brigade | North Carolina Man Murders Two Prostitutes ➡ Then Eats Their Flesh ➡ He ❤’s Islam & Supports Islamic Jihadism

  52. 4 Turkish terrorists caught in Texas after being smuggled across border

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