My Article Read (11-13-2014)




  1. Backlash over Montgomery decision to strip Christmas from school calendar

  2. ‘Oh, you meant *that* Gruber?’ Nancy Pelosi’s day just got a whole lot worse

  3. ‘Citizen journalism at its finest!’ Meet Jonathan Gruber’s worst nightmare

  4. Hispanic Reporter Gets Schooled when She Pulls the Race Card

  5. God, Jesus, and the Constitution

  6. Same theme rings a note

  7. We’re not in Kansas anymore

  8. Naval officer punished for speaking honestly about China?

  9. Big Thug Mama And Daddy Went To The U friggin’ N…..

  10. Record Number of Muslims Deported & Crime Dropped

  11. Quote Of The Day — November 13, 2014

  12. Clean Water Act Jeopardizes All Property Owners

  13. President Obama on the message of the midterms

  14. White House updates relationship with military to “it’s complicated”

  15. Does everyone need to go to college?…

  16. Interesting: Democrats looking to elevate Sen. Elizabeth Warren to a leadership position…

  17. Desperate Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) Has Gone Rogue on Democrats…

  18. War on the innocent

  19. A Call To Declaration Prayer

  20. Nuggets – First Things First

  21. The Roar

  22. God does not blink at sin

  23. HE LIFTS US UP: The Weight of the World

  24. An Esther Generation: Standing Up Against Abuse

  25. A Thought over Coffee

  26. Faith and Hope in Action

  27. What Is Truth?

  28. View the “FIX MY EYES” Dance a day early… here’s how. #For KING & COUNTRY #rememberNovember14

  29. Will Your Love for God Stay Intimate?

  30. Salute to Heroes

  31. Democrats Become Most Hated Political Party In America

  32. Health benefits of Water Caltrop

  33. Yes, Vagina, There IS a Santa Clause!

  34. FBI: Don’t Malign Our Assault on the Fourth Amendment

  35. Use Royal Jewels Given to Michelle Obama to Help the Economy!

  36. 2 pictures for 3 photo challenges

  37. Tragedy?!

  38. Appeals Court Declines To Hear Kamala Harris’ Bid To Overturn “Shall-Issue” Ruling

  39. Republicans Step Up Pressure Against Obama’s Promised Executive Amnesty

  40. The First Map Of Election 2016 Should Give Dems Pause

  41. Branco Cartoon – The Miserable Monster

  42. DOJ Flails Again in Efforts to Charge George Zimmerman

  43. ‘It’s all BS!’ Megyn Kelly just can’t take it anymore!

  44. Young Bucks vs the Old Bulls as the Senate Committee Chairs line up

  45. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  46. Gruber Video #4 – Bragging About Constructing ObamaCare Lies/Fraud “In The Oval Office” With Obama – Even More Devastating Than Prior Three

  47. IRS Scandal – Hopes and Fears….

  48. Video: Garbage Hurled From Michigan Building’s Top Floor

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