My Article Read (11-9-2014)




  1. Pat Condell Addresses Britain’s “Cultural Problem”

  2. Obama’s & Google’s Ivanpah Solar Plant Seeks Taxpayer Bailout To Pay Off Taxpayer Loan

  3. The Battle Lines Are Drawn As Senators Warn Obama Against “Executive Amnesty”

  4. Today Marks The 25th Anniversary Of The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

  5. America speaks is anyone listening?

  6. Then and now — 2008 vs. 2014

  7. UEA Claim: Global warming distracts bees by making them horny

  8. Et tu, Chu? Did this ‘Jeopardy’ champ just talk #GamerGate by likening ‘religious right’ to Iranian clerics?

  9. ‘Your base CHOSE to sit home’: Donna Brazile schooled on midterm GOP wave

  10. Don’t look now vets-sneering Salon, but you are being schooled by Montel Williams (and it’s awesome)

  11. ‘On behalf of every man and woman who has served’: David Draiman goes off on Salon over anti-vet story

  12. Sharyl Attkisson’s damning charge: CBS helped Obama lie about Benghazi

  13. Judge Jeanine calls Obama a ‘delusional bully’; ‘You act like your party won!’

  14. Obama commits U.S. military to border security efforts … but not in America

  15. Sunday Fun Video: Squatting on the Squatter

  16. False Hope and False Fear come directly from the pit of hell…

  17. Do atheists believe, in the woods?

  18. Bringing the Bread of Truth

  19. The Real Feminism: Why Women’s Rights and Aspirations Can be Compatible with Christianity

  20. Nuggets – Ready and Able

  21. HE LIFTS US UP: Life’s Crossroads

  22. HE LIFTS US UP: Complaining~~Something to Think About

  23. Cell Phones and Bibles…

  24. John 17:13-15 (Belonging)

  25. Many preachers cry out to God for great signs and wonders. What is the secret?

  26. Are you sick of the way things are? Here is how to pray for revival.

  27. We’re Always Innocent Children Before Him!

  28. A flower to share on Sunday 11/09/2014

  29. Dangerous paintings (part 3)


  31. Weekend Edition: A Letter to the new Congress

  32. D.C. Whispers: Reid Fumes Over Obama Meeting: “Ridiculous Waste Of Time”

  33. Rolling Back President Obama’s “Accomplishments” is the task of the new majority

  34. “Churchill still stands alone”

  35. ‘The Right and Will to Defend Ourselves’

  36. No strategy from Pentagon before WH went to war with ISIS

  37. The Toddler Bucket List – Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa has Us Covered

  38. The Berlin Wall

  39. Obama Thanks Veterans In Weekly Address

  40. WWE Celebrates A True American Hero

  41. Judge Jeanine Pirro: Questions FBI Director James Comey On Tracking Of Jihadist In America

  42. A Sunday Feel Good Story – It’s Bat-dad!!

  43. Quote Of The Day — November 9, 2014

  44. We Gots Us Some Rules !

  45. Pope Francis again demotes conservative cardinal who criticized him

  46. soundless November …

  47. In Flanders Fields ……

  48. U.S. Basketball Player Refuses To Stand For National Anthem…

  49. dreaming

  50. EXPOSED, WATCH – WH Privately Tells CNN That Obama’s 2015 Strategy Is To Fake Compromise With Republicans: ‘DON’T EXPECT US TO WORK WITH THEM’ « Pat Dollard

  51. Fire Valerie Jarrett – Fox Nation

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