My Article Read (11-6-2014) (11-7-2014)




  1. Lindsey Graham talks immigration within 12 hours to Obama

  2. How Many Executive Orders Will Obama Issue in Next 2 Months?

  3. Chuck Woolery: Pres. Obama ‘will do anything to try to get the Congress to impeach him’

  4. Payment for Bergdahl

  5. Grim predictions and a warning from UK

  6. Republicans get increased support from non-whites in mid-term elections

  7. Arizona Voters Pass Proposition 122 Nullification Law

  8. A Map Of The 114th Congress

  9. Bubba Watson Hanging With Prodigy Golfer

  10. #StillStrong Devon Still Picks Daughter Up From Airport

  11. A Kickers Adversity Playing With A Heavy Heart

  12. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  13. Foot Soldiers Assemble – Immediately After President Obama Gets Resoundingly Smacked Down In The Election To Who Does He Turn?…

  14. Liberal Prophets….

  15. Ben Shapiro: Amnesty Will Destroy Conservatives

  16. Details Surface – Mike Brown’s Mom, Lesley McSpadden, Was The Robbery Attacker…

  17. The absolute best rant for the day…

  18. From A Friend.. good thinking

  19. Is being a rebel a good thing? Think again!

  20. Nuggets – The joy that is promised

  21. Fear Not (Isaiah 41:10)

  22. Legalism Loots Lasting Joy

  23. Voters’ verdict explodes 5 Democratic myths

  24. John 17:7-8 (Proud)

  25. Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise Day 6

  26. Always the Need for More

  27. Dangerous paintings (part 2)

  28. Wordless Wednesday

  29. Choice is yours

  30. Hypocrites

  31. These people all had the record of voting for Obamacare and Amnesty. HMMM


  33. Arrogant, immature bastard:

  34. Election Day +1: about last night

  35. Happy birthday, John Philip Sousa

  36. Navy veteran to the rescue

  37. Stampede

  38. Child-Like Wonder at Hilton Hawaiian Village‏, Oahu

  39. Democrats had a chance

  40. Branco Cartoon – Tears Of The Clowns

  41. CNN to Obama: ‘It is a fact that your party rejected you’; liberals cringe everywhere

  42. Give It All You Got, ‘Cause What You Got is Good!

  43. A “Union Success Story” For Nov 6 2014

  44. Quote Of The Day — November 6, 2014

  45. America To Obama: Step Aside, Bro!

  46. Dictatorial Government takes a Beating

  47. Voters threw cold water on ‘the global warming’ crowd

  48. It’s a New Day in America…by AFVet

  49. DEVELOPING: The States Could Be About to Begin a Massive Rebellion Against Barack Obama

  50. WATCH – O’Reilly: If Obama Grants Amnesty “He’ll Be Impeached. Republicans Will Not Stand For It” « Pat Dollard


  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Bonus Whittle Video: Give Back The Senate! (To its rightful owners)

  3. Ferguson Decision – The High Probability Decision Zone Starts Today…

  4. President Obama To Announce Loretta Lynch As Next U.S. Attorney General…

  5. It’s like watching a big pile of money burn: ActBlue is soliciting a ‘moneybomb’ for Sen. Landrieu

  6. How delusional is malignant narcissist Obama about elections? THIS delusional (It’s unreal)

  7. ‘BAM!’: Cartoon totally nails NAACP hypocrisy [pic]

  8. Bookshelf update: Dupes — How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century

  9. So, now the President of the United States is hearing voices in his head?

  10. St Louis breaking bad

  11. Obama is hearing voices

  12. Chris Mathews loses his Tingle with Obama

  13. Are You Legitimate as a Minister of the Gospel?

  14. Look for the Man of Peace

  15. Is the God of the Old Testament a horrible serial killer?

  16. Royal Chariots – SoS Saturday

  17. Nuggets – Then, Oh Then

  18. HE LIFTS US UP: RAGE…not a “Fruit”

  19. The Storm…

  20. John 17:9-10 (The Fiction of Freedom)

  21. For Freedom, We’ve Been Set Free

  22. Republicans had better have a plan and act on that plan or they will end up worse than the Democrats.

  23. The Coming fight of ALL Fights

  24. Faith is not Understanding, yet Believing

  25. Simple Truths.

  26. Sharing news and thoughts

  27. Did Boehner draw a red line?…

  28. Adventures in Canning: Apples and more Peppers…

  29. Interesting: The Supremes to hear case arguing #Obamacare law does not allow federal exchange subsidies…

  30. Stupid: Nancy Pelosi blames democratic voters for her midterm losses…

  31. Amusing: Tea Partier now holds State Senate seat Wendy Davis gave up to run for governor…

  32. White House Hints Staff Could Be Departing Administration Soon

  33. T Plus Two: What Has Not Changed

  34. Obama’s reaction to Republican victories in midterm races

  35. Egypt abuzz over racy movie poster featuring anti-Obama belly-dancer

  36. US Soldier Surprises Wife & Newborn

  37. Does It Really Matter Which Party Is In Control?

  38. Funny Friday – November 7, 2014

  39. Quote Of The Day — November 7, 2014

  40. Iran Outlaws Dogs: Owners To Face The Lash

  41. Daily Quote 11.7.14

  42. Obama Plays Politics With Border Security: Removes Stats Prior To Election

  43. No One Wants To Pet the Lion

  44. Texas Turned Wendy Davis’ State Senate Seat Red

  45. He gets an ‘F’ from the NAACP? Black Republican senator is proud of it

  46. The Defense Department Is Censoring Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann & Dave Hodges

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