My Article Read (11-4-2014)




  1. Are you a Muse-ing? Get A Vibrant Life!

  2. Election Day: “Forth, and fear no darkness!”

  3. JUST IN: Watch Duck Dynasty Star Sadie Robertson’s Week 8 “Adam & Eve” Themed Contemporary Dance Routine That Gets Near Perfect Score! (VIDEO)

  4. Lib protesters ‘mic check’ Joni Ernst; Get smacked down in epic fashion [video, photos]

  5. That awkward moment when voters tell Obama where he can stick HIS ‘hope and change’ [photo]

  6. ‘Crooked a** politician’ Harry Reid asks, ‘Did you vote?’ He won’t like these answers!

  7. Up the ‘memory hole’? Gov. Jay Nixon sends out the ultimate butt tweet [screenshot]

  8. Vote Republican so You Can Make Obama’s List

  9. Ebola Spreading 9X Faster in Sierra Leone

  10. Don’t Get Too Cocky. The Other Side Is Democrat.

  11. Quote Of The Day — November 4, 2014

  12. Angry Mom Tells Obama to Deport Illegals

  13. Police: Father invites daughter’s alleged rapist to dinner, tortures him to death

  14. Kyle Keech: The Will To Walk On My Own

  15. Wild Bill: Has some important advice for the citizens of this country…

  16. Obvious: Dem leaders aren’t planning any big Washington election night parties…

  17. Houston Pastor Controversy Brings 765 churches and nearly 3,000 Home Groups Who Declare: “We Stand for religious freedom” and “We Will Not Be Silenced”

  18. Nuggets – Wait on the Lord

  19. Narcissism: “The Great Pretender”

  20. A Personal Journey

  21. Rebel with a Cause

  22. Risking Reputation to Do Right

  23. A God Beyond All Imaginings..

  24. John 17:1-3 (It Doesn’t Come From A Book)

  25. John 17:4-5 (Finished)

  26. ISAIAH 35: GOD HEALS THE DESOLATE Put Obama Under White House Arrest

  27. If you haven’t voted yet…

  28. Consuming The Fear Of A Nation

  29. Warfare Strategies: Checking in with the Chief Commander

  30. Alex, Isabelle and “My First Life”

  31. Descent?



  34. D.C. WHISPERS: Tonight’s “PLUS ONE” Election Theft Now Underway

  35. Democratic Party Crumbling Under Onslaught Of Obama Backlash

  36. I’m in the wrong business

  37. Obama is the caricature he attacks

  38. Obama in the sea of denial

  39. Um, Well, They Did Hire Al Sharpton….

  40. Black Activists Demand Investigation Into Maxine Waters Posters That Highlight She Doesn’t Even Live In District She Represents…

  41. DOJ Fast and Furious Election Eve Document Dump – Justice Department Turns Over 64,280 pages of Claimed ‘Executive Privilege’ Operation Fast and Furious Documents

  42. Election Day Today !!

  43. Obama voters round table

  44. Dude, where’s my ID?

  45. Guess we know who rates with this guy

  46. Senator Grassley Releases The Zip Codes Of The Fed’s Secret Illegal Immigrant Relocations

  47. Suffolk Board Of Elections SNAFU

  48. Thirteen Reasons To Hold Your Nose And Vote Republican Today

  49. To the Voting Booth!

  50. Mark Udall heckled by own donor over War on Women obsession

  51. Here we go: Perry prosecutors cry “intimidation!”

  52. ‘Duck Dynasty’ patriarch warns believers they will be jailed for being Christian: ‘Trust me, it’s coming!’

  53. Judgment Day

  54. NH Shaheen conspired with IRS targeting plan

  55. Pastors Show Backbone and Tell IRS to Take a Hike

  56. Top Bucket List Destinations for 2015

  57. Top Obama Aide Predicts A ‘Shit Storm’ If The Dems Lose Senate « Pat Dollard

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