My Article Read (11-2-2014) (11-3-2014)





  2. Cop Detecting Device “Target Blu Eye” Has Law Enforcement In A Huff

  3. Obama’s Open Borders Responsible For EV-D68 Epidemic

  4. Sheila Astorino Blasts Andrew Cuomo’s Lies In Pursuit Of Re-Election

  5. Chris Rock’s sparks controversy with jokes about 9/11, Boston Marathon

  6. Conservative street artist Sabo lashes out

  7. “A Criminal Organization Masquerading As A Political Party” Part 7,692

  8. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  9. 2014: After the Election

  10. Carry pistols: is the .380 enough?

  11. A Sunday Feel Good Story – It’s No Prank

  12. Quote Of The Day — November 02, 2014

  13. Change We can Believe In!

  14. Miraculous health benefits of honey and cinnamon

  15. Sen Grassley releases zip codes where illegals released this year…

  16. James O’Keefe video prompts voter fraud investigation in North Carolina…

  17. God Says, “I will break the back of the Spirit of Poverty”…

  18. Does one of these people know why you’re not planning on going to church today?

  19. Refined to Reflect Radiance

  20. Names of God

  21. Nuggets – The Power of the Gospel

  22. Evil: The Ultimate Opportunist

  23. Put Your Finger in the Socket! Get in the Good Flow

  24. Depression, Mental Illness, and What to Do About Them

  25. Short walk

  26. Experiment

  27. Weekend Edition: Voter Fraud – Liberal Lies Can’t Hide the Truth



  30. Tiny minority strikes again:

  31. Random Election Thought…

  32. Meet At The Old Mill, We Ride At Midnight – Finally Someone Gets It Right !

  33. Sunday Funnies – GOP ads that will make you smile

  34. Here is why EVERY CONSERVATIVE needs to Vote this Tuesday

  35. Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden could face criminal charges for Fox interview

  36. Michael Brown’s mother to address UN in Geneva on police brutality – are you kidding me?

  37. Airhead actress reminds country: Vote Dem Tuesday, or risk death

  38. 3 Reasons President Obama Is Wrong About Stay-At-Home Mothers

  39. Republican Joni Ernst takes 7 point lead in Iowa senate race

  40. Upset! War hero suddenly threatens to unseat Dem senator

  41. Lesbian extremist mayor must go –– now

  42. Aloha Ali‘i

  43. Valencia’s Mercado Central

  44. Patterico’s Pontifications » WaPo Publishes Scientific Evidence of Voter Fraud on a Massive Scale — As Previously Predicted By This Here Very Blog

  45. Why Did Sen Mary Landrieu Deal The Race Card


  1. Climate Craziness of the Week – Mann’s ‘climate interpreter’ claims 450 PPM CO2 will turn humans back into ‘hunter-gatherers’

  2. Latino Leader Arturo Carmona Tells Latinos Not to Vote for Democrats

  3. The Richardson spin on Tahmooressi

  4. How to Care for a Loved One with Mental Illness

  5. Have a Habitual Sin? This Process Might Help You Out!

  6. Sunshine Dare: Gratitude Exercise Day 5

  7. Only 1 Day Left to Save America

  8. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  9. Reminder: Bold Contrasts !

  10. Sixty-six years ago today

  11. Our current world: Speaking of dumb and dumber…

  12. Stupid Tweet of the Day: Liberal rag Salon claims Conservative Republicans would have hated Jesus…

  13. Do you ever think you’re unworthy?

  14. Making Peace

  15. Listen to the Myanmar Children Sing to The Lord

  16. A Vision

  17. Nuggets – Great Is the Lord

  18. HE LIFTS US UP: Deeper Levels of Faith

  19. Do You Feel Like You Have Been Thrown in a Fire? … like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego…

  20. When We Fail

  21. King Solomon on Wreckers

  22. The Road Less Traveled

  23. God’s Voice and Your Attitude

  24. The Sound of Desperation Crying for Reformation

  25. Happiness is in present

  26. Silent Sunday

  27. Sydney: moderate vs moderate

  28. Good news! Some of our vetted, moderate Syrian allies have defected to al-Qaeda!

  29. The Best Way To be Greeted After A Long Flight

  30. Community Riding With Wounded Warriors

  31. Obama Fans Much??

  32. Getting The Message Out

  33. Quote Of The Day — November 03, 2014

  34. A “Seinfeld Election About Nothing” It’s Not … MSM Attempts To Trivialize Potential Democrat Drubbing

  35. Nearly 70% Of Voters Will Cast Paper Ballots As States Dump Electronic Machines

  36. HuffPo’s Charles Clymer fed up with millions watching Nik Wallenda walk a tightrope ‘in honor of God’

  37. Branco Cartoon – Jilted

  38. GOP Hits Democrats for Sexism in New Video

  39. Charlotte Newspaper Busted On Hagan Cover-Up

  40. Obama fans do something worse than walk out on him mid-speech; press pool notices!

  41. Tom Harkin warns of the dangers of ‘siren’ Joni Ernst!



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