My Article Read (11-1-2014)




  1. Greta Van Susteren: Pressure from Obama admin had nothing to do with Sgt. Tahmooressi’s release

  2. ‘Seems impossible until it is done’: Montel Williams welcomes home Sgt. Tahmooressi [photos]

  3. Starbucks Unveils Its First LBGT Commercial and it Ain’t Pretty

  4. Stop the Violence Organizers Arrested for Assault

  5. Happy Caturday

  6. The way to a man’s heart

  7. Happy Halloween

  8. Gun Control Support Drops 11% In Less Than Two Years

  9. Border Patrol Union Requests Public Help To Stem The Tide Of Illegal Immigration

  10. NY Dems To Constituents: “Vote Or Else”

  11. NBC Baton Rouge: Landrieu ‘Dealing With A PR Nightmare’ After Calling Voters Racist And Sexist « Pat Dollard

  12. Here Comes the 2014 Voter Fraud

  13. Quote Of The Day — November 01, 2014

  14. Sgt Tahmooressi Is Free !!

  15. We are now in Phase Two of Terry Bennett’s prophetic timetable…

  16. Am I deserving?

  17. Psalm 37:7

  18. Only One Word

  19. Nuggets – Joy in Believing

  20. Staying Salty

  21. Taking Back Stolen Fire!

  22. There should be a much higher level of outrage going into next Tuesday

  23. Reconnected Relationships

  24. Our friendly dinosaur

  25. Almost wordless.

  26. Andrew Carnegie’s quotes


  28. Brass covers ass. Again.


  30. Blacks are being used

  31. Let’s fix our problems!

  32. LOLOL – Baby T-Rex Costume and Phoenix Suns Halloween Gag…

  33. Massachusetts Governor’s Race – Dem Candidate Martha Coakley on Full Display…

  34. True Love

  35. Voter I.D. Laws and Voter Fraud in Illinois and Maryland

  36. BREAKING: “Blackwater” Founder Drops Bombshell About Benghazi and Obama

  37. 72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents

  38. Court Order: Kaci Hickox’s Roommate in Sierra Leone Was Treated for Ebola

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