My Article Read (10-31-2014)




  1. ‘Democrat voters are racist?’ Joan Walsh’s praise for Mary Landrieu’s southern voter ‘truth’ backfires

  2. Shake those bones

  3. Pumpkin carving made easy

  4. Halloween gets a cat scan

  5. World’s most accurate pie chart

  6. CAGW Goes Trick-or-Treating

  7. Democrat Party Threatens Registered Democrats in Mailer: “If you do not vote this year, we will be interested to hear why not”…

  8. Last Friday before election, devilish dust mites, sardines, and some Bill Whittle…

  9. Sharyl Attkisson Posts Video Of Her Computer Deleting Her Files Without Her Aid

  10. Vernon J Neitzell on facts

  11. Jo Ellen Stevens ~Open Up The Sky And Let Down The Ladder…

  12. Abused In- Massachusetts?

  13. Where God Guides, He Provides

  14. HE LIFTS US UP: Do You “Talk the Talk” or “Walk the Walk”?

  15. Garden of Nuts? ~ SoS Saturday

  16. King Solomon on Voting for a Leader

  17. Create in Me a Clean Heart

  18. On top (location, thoughts and feelings)

  19. James O’Keefe Captures NC Campaign Workers Advising Illegals How To Vote

  20. The dark underbelly of cop Killer Frein saga, and what they didn’t tell you

  21. She Wants Out But She’s Trapped – A Common Way of Life

  22. What’s behind gas relief?

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