My Article Read (10-30-2014)




  1. Obamacare, the home edition

  2. ‘Lock up the gates of hell’: Donna Brazile wants everybody to ‘move out of the president’s way’

  3. Lib hashtag #KeepCalmVoteDem hijacked; Truth-snarkiness hilarity ensues

  4. Quote Of The Day — October 30, 2014

  5. Another Obama Double Standard

  6. From The “AMEN,BROTHER” File For Oct 30 2014

  7. FINALLY!! A ” Climate” Professor Who Gets It.

  8. You just couldn’t let it LIE, could you?

  9. Life

  10. Her Eyes

  11. New Comic Up!

  12. An Appeal to Christians Who Plan Not to Vote This Election

  13. Obama Offers Condolences to Family of Slain Terrorist

  14. Dems losing Hispanic support ahead of midterm elections…

  15. Dingy Harry Reid tries to whip up impeachment fear…

  16. Healthy Churches

  17. DV Awareness: Weapon of Choice

  18. HE LIFTS US UP: Broken and Shaken

  19. Praise God testimony from People in Need Ministries, India.

  20. Deciding Beforehand

  21. Forge Forward in Faith

  22. Ready To Roar?

  23. Pastors Who Met With Houston Mayor Before Subpoena Was Lifted Share Details About Their Uncompromising Meeting With Her

  24. Does Jesus tell people to love Him or die?

  25. The Friend

  26. Listen to your body!

  27. Touching sky

  28. pffft..never mind Ebola,

  29. Off the Plantation

  30. Chicago pastor’s church is broken into by Democrats after he endorses Republican

  31. White House “Chickensh*t” Comment Comes Home To Roost

  32. Another Day , Another Maryland Vote Scandal … Massive Illegal Voter Fraud Alleged

  33. Is this “82-Year Old Black Senior Citizen Grandmother” trouble for Democrats?

  34. Branco Cartoon – Tricked

  35. Balloon fail, cop killer Frein wanders at will, Martial Law remains

  36. Huh? Wait A Minute – So You Can Catch Ebola Without Exchange of Body Fluids?

  37. North Carolina – Unchain Yourselves…

  38. Thousands Of Christians Take Up Arms, Make A Crusade, And Slaughter Muslims Who Try To Kill Them

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