Distraction 101-A Devotion To Forefathers/Grant Davis


Picture 25

A Devotion To Forefathers-Grant Davis


Today I walk among the headstones-‘

Silence is broken only by the call of the whippoorwill

calling to its mate.

I read the epitaphs and then I wonder of these vintage dates,

could these have died in vain?

Since the hardships of the times were heavy

And they lost many on their western flight,

To find a better home and life for those

who follow in the ruts and trails,

Enveloped in faith and energy to push on.

The weathered stones are all that’s left to tell the tale

Of disease, famine and death that knows no age.

And those that have fallen here have left their mark

And wrote the pages if tune that cannot be forgotten.

And day fades and quiet rules the night,

I know that tomorrow will come again

And bring the sun and natures voices

To keep vigil for those that will never hear their songs.

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