My Article Read (10-28-2014)




  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. New York Times: The Obamacare Rip-off

  3. Anger and the walking dead Left

  4. Hillary sets the tone for her run…. wind her up

  5. Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert: Instapundit’s all-caps intros paranoia-inducing?

  6. Do we ‘need more signs like this’? This anti-Obama truth-snark billboard will make you fist pump [photo]

  7. ‘Y’all are amazing’! Sadie Robertson wows — again — on ‘Dancing With The Stars’

  8. ‘Tweet wins the day’! Don’t miss this absolutely brutal swipe at Wendy Davis

  9. Dancing priests become Internet sensation

  10. Reporter: “Obama Administration Most ‘Dangerous’ To Media In History”

  11. The Truth About Mass Public Shootings

  12. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow…

  13. Change: 7 in 10 Americans are angry at the direction the country is headed

  14. Religion vs Relationship: Which Do You Seek?

  15. HE LIFTS US UP: Would You Get Out of the Boat?

  16. Nuggets – Speaking Evil of Dignities

  17. Love for the flock

  18. To Love As Jesus Loved: “Charity Is Not Puffed Up”

  19. Christian rapper Jackie Hill-Perry comes out as ex-gay firebrand

  20. Giants executive says most important task is to honor Christ

  21. John 8:21-22 (Symptoms of Disease)

  22. John 16:32-33 (Overcome)

  23. Choose to Follow

  24. The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves — NOT!

  25. “Isis Will Have a Crisis” And “Ebola, Who Are You?”

  26. 10 Ways to Living out Goodness in Our Families

  27. Sit at My Feet and Strategies Will Come

  28. Jo Ellen Stevens “A Word For Someone”

  29. Hidden Bible Verses About Dance… Updated & REVEALED!

  30. Bible verses on Dancing…

  31. Is a Balanced View Possible on Amendment 1 in Tennessee?

  32. Dying

  33. Buffalo Wild Wings

  34. Obama’s Schedule From Today Shows How Toxic He is to Democrats Running for Senate

  35. Merging the Caliphate with the NWO…The Truth Exposed

  36. Much more of this, please:

  37. The Green Berets Just Exposed Something Obama Was Trying to Hide in Afghanistan

  38. ObamaCare deductibles are a plot to destroy Dear Leader

  39. Army memo claims hand-washing and gas masks will prevent Ebola infection

  40. The country’s in the very best of hands

  41. …main obstacles to imposing stricter family planning measures and a global one child policy is “conservative religious and political opposition”.

  42. Thought For Today – October 28, 2014

  43. Quote Of The Day — October 28, 2014

  44. US Official Calls for Military Coup Against President Obama

  45. Black Activists Send a Powerful Message

  46. Police Search for Muslim Teacher Accused of Rape

  47. ‘Get Over It’: My Choice of Song for the New Politics

  48. Quarantined nurse verses cop killer Frein and Marital Law in NE Pa

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