My Article Read (10-27-2014)


News, Guy

  1.  Ebola-Stricken Nurse Nina Pham’s Latest Announcement Brings Sighs of Relief Across the U.S.

  2. Did the government hack Sharyl Attkisson’s computers and set her up for a frame job?

  3. Jon Lovitz and the Rest of Twitter Respond to Hillary’s ‘Businesses Don’t Create Jobs’ Nonsense

  4. New Poll Shows Just How Much November’s Mid-Terms Could Shake Things Up

  5. Ebola incompetency

  6. Spies like them

  7. Substitute teacher has close encounter

  8. A New Common Core Assignment

  9. Thought for Today – Oct. 27, 2014

  10. Quote Of The Day — October 27, 2014

  11. Rinse, You Ain’t Fooling Us (part 3)

  12. ‘#YesWeDid make Jimmy Carter look competent’: UniteBlue hashtag hijacked by reality

  13. Muslim Leader Says “Entire Earth” will be “Subordinate” to Caliphate

  14. Poll worker makes NRA instructor remove hat before voting…

  15. Living Between Two Realities

  16. Jesus Dispelled the Lies!

  17. Nuggets – The Power of the Saints

  18. Glorifying God through Your Covenant Marriage

  19. HE LIFTS US UP: Weeping May Endure

  20. HE LIFTS US UP: Can These Bones Live? Have You Ever Felt so Broken

  21. DV Awareness: Children of Abusive Parents

  22. Blogging Life Line

  23. Standards For Biblical Christianity

  24. One to Many

  25. How I Used Twitter to Write a Book

  26. The Light is Coming

  27. Atheist Group Plans to Distribute X-Rated Bible in Florida High Schools

  28. Franklin Graham: Both Obama And Bush ‘Have Done A Great Disservice,’ Calling Islam Peaceful

  29. The Leaves of Autumn

  30. The Lord says, Take your Faith to a Higher Level!

  31. Christian Pastors and Leaders to Travel to Houston; Calling for Mayor Parker to Withdraw Subpoenas to Local Pastors

  32. “Here We Stand, Black and White, Ready to Go to Jail!”—Hundreds of Michigan Pastors Unite in Defense of Free Speech and Religious Rights

  33. Confession?!

  34. A quiz from Niagara Falls

  35. Morning on the Meadow Lake

  36. Very interesting and pretty graphic. Warning… rough language

  37. “illicit” my ass

  38. ‘Democrats Move to Regulate Conservative Websites

  39. D.C. Whispers: “If Dems Can’t Win It, They’ll Steal It – Look To North Carolina”

  40. BREAKING: Congressman Calls on Americans to “Surround the White House” to Stop Obama [WATCH]

  41. (Video) Who are the real racists: liberals or conservatives?

  42. Scary Halloween masks

  43. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  44. Bottle Bombers Caught – Two Unidentified “juveniles” Arrested…

  45. Activist Federal Healthcare Worker Kaci Hickox Released – Chris Christie Forced To Reverse Quarantine – As U.S. Military is Now Forced To Quarantine…

  46. IRS Agents Are a Disease

  47. Cato Reports On Our “Gold-Plated” Government “Civil Servants”

  48. Daily Quote 10.27.14

  49. Here Are Photos Of 69 Of The Most Amazing Body Paint Jobs You’ve Ever Seen

  50. Debate crowd laughter may signal death knell for Democratic “War on Women” theme (#NY23)

  51. ‘He was acting like a thug!’: Lib mouthpiece Maher punctures ‘gentle giant’ myth in Ferguson case

  52. Bob Woodward: ‘There still are lot of unanswered questions re IRS’

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