My Article Read (10-24-2014)




  1. Dallas nurse diagnosed with Ebola, Nina Pham, to be released from hospital ‘virus free’

  2. Sally Kohn: Why is Twitchy ‘SO INVESTED in Michael Brown being guilty?’

  3. Coma patient dressed in campaign t-shirt for Nebraska Dem’s ad

  4. ‘Sign o’ the times’: This Obama sticker got a much-needed makeover [photo]

  5. ‘Muslim Warrior’ Attacks Police in New York with Hatchet

  6. 3 in 4 Americans Support Religious Leaders Right to Defend Their Faith

  7. Pre-Programmed Robotic Democrats

  8. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  9. BREAKING: Live Shooter 3 Police Officers Shot – Sacramento County California

  10. Here We Go Again – Despite The Obvious New York Authorities Claim Hatchet Jihadist Is Not “Islamic Terrorism”…

  11. Your Second Amendment

  12. The Tainted Testimony the Media Gave Us on Ferguson

  13. Friday Funny – You’re a climate denier if:

  14. Iran, Russia, and some damn thing in the Balkans

  15. Dancing with the padres

  16. College campuses a breeding ground for anti-Semitic/anti-Israel violence?…

  17. They have bowling alleys in Manhattan?…

  18. You funded a study to teach mountain lions to walk on treadmills…

  19. #24 Know Your Location

  20. DV Awareness: “Survival of the Fittest”

  21. Depression—A Battle Too Big to Fight Alone

  22. HE LIFTS US UP: Broken Vessels

  23. Terrifying – SoS Saturday

  24. Nuggets – The Glory of the Lord

  25. To Love As Jesus Loved: “Charity Vaunteth Not Itself”

  26. Committed Care

  27. Pay Closer Attention to Your Tongue

  28. Our Pursuit Of Holiness

  29. Peace To The Brothers & Sisters

  30. In direct response to a threatening letter let me tell you who to vote for on Tuesday November 4th

  31. We’re Graced. Loved Freely. Loved Without Condition

  32. Procrastination

  33. “Here We Stand, Black and White, Ready to Go to Jail!”—Hundreds of Michigan Pastors Unite in Defense of Free Speech and Religious Rights

  34. But all religions are just different paths to the same place.

  35. 10 Russian girls

  36. Before Going to Sleep (signs)

  37. Smile and be in a great mood!

  38. Sharing quotes

  39. Ottawa Gunman Not A Recent Convert But A Longtime Devout Muslim Whose Father Waged Jihad In Libya In 2011 « Pat Dollard

  40. BREAKING: Judicial Watch Obtains List of Fast and Furious Documents Held Under Obama’s Executive Privilege – Katie Pavlich

  41. Quote Of The Day — October 24, 2014

  42. Ben Shapiro: Women Are Winning the War on Women

  43. You’ve Been Doing it Wrong All These Years

  44. Another Leftist Lie Shot Down.

  45. Funny Friday – October 24, 2014

  46. Early Voting Turnout for Republicans in Iowa is Unprecedented

  47. Debate crowd loudly laughs at “War Against Women” charge by female Dem challenger (#NY23)

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