My Article Read (10-23-2014)


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  1. ‘Portrait of a hero’: This photo of Sgt.-at-Arms Kevin Vickers is ‘rather Bondesque’

  2. My Heart Just Broke ……

  3. Important Message

  4. Stunning: Trying To Protect His Foot Soldier – President Obama Exerts Executive Privilege Over Letters Between Eric Holder and His Wife (Sharon Malone Jones)…

  5. Standing Ovation For Sergeant-At-Arms, Kevin Vickers, Who Shot And Killed Ottawa Gunman/Terrorist Yesterday…

  6. The New Testament and Civil Disobedience

  7. Kill Santa to save the Earth! Approved for Common Core!

  8. Fun Video: DNC Chair Struggles When Grilled About Democrats’ Support For Obama’s Policies

  9. #23 The Threat Of Mercy

  10. The Pastors Strike Back: Bibles and Sermons Sent To Houston Mayor

  11. Our Help in Trouble

  12. HE LIFTS US UP: Children Need Loving Care…Not ABUSE

  13. Child of the world – Personal responsibility

  14. Joyful Reunion – A Video by Heart of The Family

  15. Nuggets – The Believer’s Judgment

  16. A Letter to 60,000 Ministers threatens IRS Action Against Pastors who speak out against Obama and Democrats

  17. Thankful

  18. The Power of Choice

  19. A Dangerous Prayer

  20. King Solomon, Wise or Foolish Manipulation?

  21. The Color Green

  22. You can find it here

  23. Emails from Niagara Falls

  24. Third Week of October 2014 Presuppositional Apologetics’ links Round up

  25. They’ve succeeded, Tony,

  26. 5 Epic Bucket List Destinations

  27. Kurds Mock ISIS in Music Video

  28. Quote Of The Day — October 23, 2014

  29. Bill Whittle: Make Him Own It

  30. Project Veritas: Colorado Voter Fraud

  31. The Democratic Panic: Senate Dems try to run from Obama

  32. Thought for Today – Oct. 23, 2014

  33. I Fought for You

  34. Kira Davis: Elections Have Consequences

  35. Wendy Davis, Troll Target

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