My Article Read (10-19-2014)


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  1. The real #waronwomen: higher costs under #Obamacare

  2. Good news! ISIS now has an air force!

  3. Ferguson – Thugly’s Blood Found in Officer Wilson’s Car

  4. N&F Opinion Poll #1

  5. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Sticky Notes

  6. Thought For Today – October 19, 2014

  7. Quote Of The Day — October 19, 2014

  8. Supremes: Texas Voter ID Okay

  9. Judge Jeanine Pirro: Obama Admin Doesn’t Know What They Are Doing

  10. Judge Jeanine Pirro: Nurses Concerned

  11. Pumpkinfest vs Ferguson: Media called out for double standards [pics, video]

  12. Spoiled slobby ignorant college kids go wild at Keene State College in New Hampshire…

  13. Government going after ministers in my home town of Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho who refused to “marry” homosexuals…

  14. Reaganite’s SUNDAY FUNNIES

  15. Toonaroonie Sunday

  16. Flashback to 2000: Obama’s New Ebola Czar Was Involved In Trying To Suppress Military Vote After Florida Election…

  17. OF EBOLA, ECONOMY and EPIDEMICS.. There is an Epidemic… 

  18. Nuggets – Salvation Through the Word

  19. Please pray for 2014 cyclone Hudhud victims

  20. HE LIFTS US UP: PORNOGRAPHY… What if it’s Your Child?

  21. Dim Sum – Shared experiences – Victory in Jesus

  22. Don’t Strive to Be Someone You’re Not

  23. Watching for Wisdom

  24. Bad smells in one place

  25. Morning at Meadow Lake

  26. Obama’s Dubious Accomplishments

  27. This is complete FICTION. NOT TRUE.

  28. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  29. Happy Caturday

  30. Guided – Search Lead Who Found Hannah Graham’s Body Felt Guided – “God wanted” them to find what they found

  31. Here’s The Limbaugh Theorem Again – President Obama “Seething” Over Ebola Response…

  32. The comparison lives on, Ebola to IS

  33. UKIP Is Connecting With Voters on Immigration at a Visceral Level; The Other Parties Are Miles Behind

  34. ‘While others blabber,’ German bike gang rides to the rescue against Islamic State

  35. Does the church do a good job of equipping Christians to talk to non-Christians?

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