My Article Read (10-13-2014)


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  1. Accelerated Production of Ebola Drug ZMapp

  2. While We Weren’t Looking…

  3. In Memory: Ceylan Ozalp, Brave Kurdish YPG Fighter

  4. One From The ” BWAHAHAHAHAHA” File.

  5. 5 YO Promises Not To Kill

  6. Quote Of The Day — October 13, 2014

  7. It takes just 3 Donna Brazile retweets to expose her pathological lies, hypocrisy [photo]

  8. Hey, media! Does this genius Wendy Davis truth-snark prove you are beyond parody? (Yes) [photo]

  9. Sunday-night bombshell: NIH director claims budget cuts have prevented an Ebola vaccine

  10. Instapundit slams ‘legally illiterate’ Cornel West for #FergusonOctober remarks

  11. Dr. Patrick Moore’s Australian Tour Schedule

  12. Oh that’s going to leave a mark – Owen Paterson To Call For Suspension Of UK Climate Change Act

  13. Russia against the Sex Pervert Nation

  14. Hollywood Hypocrites Produce Extreme Income Inequality

  15. Latest ISIS outrage

  16. Holes in Olson’s case

  17. Prophecy

  18. Savage: African dictators have more sense than Obama

  19. No posting from me today

  20. Adventures in Canning: Butternut Squash…

  21. New Ebola patient is responsible for getting Ebola…w/Update

  22. Judge Clay Jenkins – Ebola ‘incident commander’ knows more than he is saying

  23. Obama administration playing down expectations for Obamacare year 2.

  24. Stupid Tweet of the Day: MSNBC’s Joy Reid blames Ebola Spread on red states

  25. “Justice will see again” – a Word from the Lord –…

  26. Can Heart Failure Be Reversed?

  27. Grace = Rest!

  28. Living as the Whole Person I Already Am

  29. Nuggets – So Great Salvation

  30. HE LIFTS US UP: Message to Teens: Kindness and Respect is What You Should Expect

  31. Praise The Lord testimony from Meetingintheclouds

  32. Dim Sum – Sharing experience – Sing!

  33. The Simple Question This Famed Christian Rapper Has for Atheists Like Richard Dawkins | Video

  34. Present Within

  35. The “Good Old Days”

  36. Love Is Kind–Ways To Be Kind

  37. The Great Civil War in which we are Now Engaged

  38. I am now convinced that President Obama’s plan is to look like he’s kinda doing something until November, then let ISIS win.

  39. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  40. Oh No, She didn’t – Oh Yes, She did – Wendy Davis Delivers Campaign Of Content Horror….

  41. MSNBC Falls To New Ratings Lows

  42. You Don’t Need Permission from Atheists to Exercise Your Rights

  43. Branco Cartoon – November-Hemorrhagic Fever

  44. Coming soon: Executive action freed from electoral concerns

  45. Furious neighbors want to give Gwyneth Paltrow the boot after embarrassing Obama fundraiser

  46. Nailed! Check out conservative journalist dogging Pelosi over sweetheart deal with Dem mega-donor

  47. Panetta Book Bombshell: Challenges to Obama’s Legitimacy Affected His Presidency

  48. Crony Christianity

  49. BREAKING – OBAMA INFECTS DALLAS HOSPITAL WORKER WITH EBOLA: Psychopath President Intentionally Brings Plague To US By Refusing Travel Ban « Pat Dollard

  50. BARACK ‘NO FLIGHT BAN’ OBAMA STRIKES AGAIN: Liberia Traveler With Ebola Symptoms Taken To Boston Hospital « Pat Dollard

  51. Liberia health workers to go on strike over Ebola danger pay

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