My Article Read (10-6-2014)


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  1. Muslim Immigrants Attack non-Muslim Girl

  2. Obama sends DHS Official to Oklahoma Mosque attended by Muslim Beheader

  3. Geert Wilders calls out Obama as one of ‘Gullible Souls’ and ‘False Guides’ on ISIS

  4. ‘Insanity’: FBI director’s statement about Americans fighting with ISIS stuns

  5. ‘Got a little dusty in here’: Sunny Sweeney witnesses moving prayer with soldier at airport

  6. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings celebrates Liberian Ebola patient: ‘He’s our citizen now’

  7. ‘Splainers: What today’s Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage means

  8. New York Times Admits Government Cocaine Connection

  9. Confirmation: We Bombed Syria over Made-up Terrorists

  10. Barack Obama’s Needless War Puts Americans at Risk

  11. Single customer wins shootout with four armed robbers in Texas bar

  12. Quote Of The Day — October 6, 2014

  13. Report: Two dead after explosion in Iranian nuclear facility

  14. Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

  15. My Photo Galleries: Travel & Landscapes

  16. Travel theme: Bountiful

  17. Boots in the Air: Obama introduces Apache attack helicopters into the fight against ISIS

  18. Let the Democrat’s blame game begin…

  19. Is this the best political ad of the year? (American Crossroads: “Spelling Bee” AR )

  20. Will she pass the Bride Test? 

  21. “The Power of Honor: My Experience at the Grave of Charles Finney…

  22. OF MOONS

  23. #16 Let People Tell Their Own Story

  24. Pray, Love, Teach and Be Real- the wisdom of a friend

  25. Nuggets – Be Truly Converted

  26. HE LIFTS US UP: Depression…keeps raising it’s ugly head

  27. The Bend in the Road

  28. Unity And Maturity In The Body Of Christ

  29. It is insane to despise national repentance

  30. Lawless in the Last Days

  31. He Seeks to Save

  32. The Power You Need to Make the Changes You Desire to Make

  33. Paul Harvey Prayer

  34. Tonight, Sadie Robertson Will “Dance with the Duckmen” of Duck Dynasty!

  35. Ol’ Remus on Ebola:

  36. D.C. WHISPERS: The Obama-Jarrett Tirade That Had Staff Running For Cover

  37. Rape accusation linked to Sharpton birthday bash: ‘I’m sure Al gets a piece,’ Anthony Weiner weighs in

  38. Mexico hit by student massacre: At least 17 anti-corruption protesters ’rounded up, murdered and dumped in a mass grave’ – and another 26 are missing.

  39. Cops Say Obama Conning Hispanics to Get Their Votes

  40. Messengers of Dem Doom? Gallup finds more voters want to send anti-Obama message

  41. Branco Cartoon – Grim

  42. Dems seek to weaponize Ebola politically

  43. BDS hate on campus is real

  44. Immigration: the Mexican president is a two-faced hypocrite

  45. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  46. Let Historians Proclaim Her Name – Arin Mirkan Sacrifices Her Life To Stop ISIS Advance On Kobane…

  47. ISIS Raises Flag Over Kurdish City of Kobane (Kobani) In Syria – Obama And Erdogan Do Nothing…

  48. Anarchy and Left-Wing Activists Planning To Swarm Ferguson October 10th – 13th

  49. Woman who escaped from North Korea tells her story

  50. Obama sends thank you note to Oklahoma beheader’s mosque

  51. Krauthammer: Democrats will ‘rue the day’ they stood by while Obama flouted the law

  52. SNL BASHES OBAMA: Watch ‘Em Rip Hussein For Blaming Others, ISIS, And The Secret Service | Doug Giles

  53. Exposed: A Pentagon Official Just Turned Against Obama And Revealed His Brazen Lies

  54. What It Means to Truly Be Alive!

  55. When Narcissism Becomes Deadly

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