My Article Read (9-24-2014)


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  1. Jeffco students walk out of 5 high schools in school board protest

  2. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  3. President Obama’s U.N. Speech Compares Ferguson Missouri To Mass Genocide of Yezidi’s In Iraq and Syria…

  4. Climate Change: scratch a Green, find a Red

  5. ‘I got 100%!!!’; Sen. Jeff Merkley gets perfect score on Oregonian quiz about his U.S. Senate race

  6. Does Your Toddler Have a Bucket List? Crossing of Horseback Riding at Alisal Guest Ranch

  7. Where Barack Obama was really born

  8. Unemployed gender studies major sues patriarchy

  9. How to put more time in your day and regain sanity…

  10. Obama points out all the “failings” of America at UN speech and brings up Ferguson, MO…

  11. Naomi Klein: The Socialist spewing anti-capitalist author of “This Changes Everything” and darling of the left and her anti-American husband…

  12. #4 Trust Your Team

  13. Whatever God Orders, He Pays For…

  14. Child of world – The Carnal Christian?

  15. Do You Want to Know What Smart Living Is?

  16. Living As Gentle Giants

  17. God Alone

  18. Forgiven to Love

  19. No, sergeant, vigilante justice is the answer.

  20. D.C. Whispers: Barack Obama’s Outraged Tantrum During Military Briefing

  21. One Nation, Under Obama

  22. Quote Of The Day — September 24, 2014

  23. ISIS and CIA , Saudi Arabia’s Islamic State

  24. Pandora’s box

  25. A Sign of the Times in America

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