My Article Read (9-23-2014)


baby, newspaper


  1. Does a new, distinct human being begin at conception?

  2. This is smart power? You won’t believe how Team Obama described last night’s bombing of Syria

  3. He’s popular, guys! This truth-snark perfectly captures just how pitiful Obama’s ‘coalition’ is

  4. ‘One troll to rule them all’: Did John Boehner just take a swipe at President No-Boots-On-The-Ground?

  5. Is Barack Obama Even Trying to Defeat ISIS?

  6. The Second Amendment is the Antidote to Lone Wolf Terrorism

  7. Can the Feds Track Terrorists Who Returned to the Homeland?

  8. Talk About Perfect Timing…

  9. Asshat Alert: RFK, Jr Exposes Himself As A Hypocrite

  10. Woman Broke Windshield to Save Baby Left in Hot Car

  11. Thought For Today – Sept. 23, 2014

  12. Quote Of The Day — September 23, 2014

  13. Identity politics: It’s all fun and games…

  14. Priorities are Holy

  15. The Transformation to Becoming Generous

  16. Nuggets – Spiritual Self-Condemnation

  17. Faith Child – Nothing!

  18. The Jehovah Jireh.

  19. Pushing Through The Veil

  20. Good In, Good Out

  21. Apply Your Heart

  22. Amy McCutcheon’s Testimony~

  23. #3 Choose To Believe The Best

  24. What Are You Doing To Develop Relationships?

  25. “It’s Not Their Right To Silence Me!” On The Pledge Of Allegiance Says NJ High School Student about Atheist Group’s Attack

  26. No, sergeant, vigilante justice is the answer.

  27. “Look To Monday Madness – All According To Plan” – REVISITED

  28. Government Now Working Directly To Silence Rush Limbaugh

  29. Blathering Eco-Intellectuals – Tea Party Nation

  30. TV news reporter quits her job on-air, leaves anchor speechless: ‘F**k it, I quit’

  31. Hamas murderers of 3 Israeli teens killed during arrest attempt

  32. ‘Dancing with the Stars’: The hot, the lame, the wacky

  33. Would You Follow President Obama Into Battle?

  34. Cruel Democrat Chestnuts Fall in Arkansas This Year

  35. After Gov’t Ignores Them for 2 Years, Family Of SEAL Killed In Benghazi Seeks Massive Retribution

  36. BINGO! The Legal Justification – Obama Sends Legally Required Military Use of Force Notification To Congress – Notifies Of Attacks Against Al-Qaeda…

  37. SERIAL ABDUCTOR ? The Case of Missing Hannah Graham – FIND Jesse “LJ” Matthew and Call (434) 295-3851 Immediately

  38. Lois Lerner Compares Herself To Jeffrey Dahmer – Yahoo News

  39. It’s time to stop the climate scare stories

  40. Don’t Put that Thing on Me! Critters at Alisal Guest Ranch

  41. Climate change skeptics call out marchers’ ‘hypocrisies’

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