My Article Read (9-21-2014)


Cat, Newspaper


  1. So. What’s up with Sen. Mary Landrieu and keg stands? (This happened) [photos]

  2. ‘Freaks!’ Joe Bastardi retweets photo of ‘ideological child abuse’ at #PeopleClimateMarch

  3. This creepy puppet and interpretive dance from #ClimateMarch will make your sides ache [photos]

  4. Would-be Democratic congressman Jesse Smith: ‘Secure our boarders’

  5. Jennifer Roback Morse on the injustice of the American family court system

  6. ‘Batten down the hatches!’ Judge Jeanine warns Americans: Your safety is in your own hands

  7. ‘Whitewash’ for the White House: Deserter Bergdahl’s outcome rigged already

  8. ‘Paid volunteers’ for the NYC climate march

  9. @CNN asks ‘Why worry about ISIS when the danger of Climate Change is so much more clear and imminent? ‘

  10. Montana mayor fires back at CAIR

  11. Maybe He Wasn’t Cut Out to Be President

  12. Adventures in Canning: Pears…

  13. Reaganite’s SUNDAY FUNNIES

  14. Make fun of the Peoria Mayor with a parody twitter account…That’s a swat raid…

  15. Fail: Keynote speaker at California GOP Conventions says she might vote for demo Gov. Jerry Brown…

  16. Thoughts To Leave Behind – #1 Choosing Wonder And Mystery

  17. Resolve in His Strength

  18. What’s In Your Treasury?

  19. Nuggets – Spiritual Cleanliness

  20. Child of the world – Resist the devil?

  21. ✞ Music “Empty And Beautiful” by Matt Maher

  22. Living Up To Our Label

  23. We Must Pray for Our President and Leaders Right Now!

  24. God’s Spiritual Wisdom

  25. Life Is A Marathon Podcast

  26. Elections and the Media

  27. How I voted

  28. Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania Form Joint Military ‘LITPOLUKRBRIG’ Brigade

  29. We Don’t Belong to the Government, the Government Belongs to US!

  30. Oklahoma Intruder Gets a Load of Buckshot in the Butt

  31. Quote Of The Day — September 21, 2014

  32. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Brian’s Alive

  33. Thought For Today – Sept 21, 2014

  34. Army National Guard Sgt. Imprisoned for Life for Saving his Squad

  35. Politicizing Private Bergdahl – To Avoid Presidential Embarrassment Bergdahl Stuck In Limbo….

  36. Incensed by the use of “Evil”-pt 3 of 3

  37. Budweiser Rolls Out Ultimate ‘Beer Buddy’ Commercial – And You’ll Not Want to Miss the Point

  38. ‘Not a Snowball’s Chance In Hell’: Former Head of Marine Corps Slams Obama’s ISIS Strategy

  39. You’ve Heard of Marines. You’ve Heard of Puppies. Now the Marine Corps is Going to Blow Your Mind.

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