My Article Read (9-20-2014)


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  1. Judge Sides With Mayor’s Police Raid of Parody Twitter Account

  2. Pray For and Actively Support Local Servicemen against ISIS

  3. ‘So much win’: Richard Grenell has DREAM-y suggestion ‘to be fair’ with WH fence jumper

  4. Pelosi daughter: Why it’s wrong to say ‘real men don’t hit women’

  5. Curiosity and Serendipity

  6. Respiratory Virus & Executive Order 13295

  7. GOP Leadership Considering Rules To Punish Party Disloyalty

  8. American ISIS Members Urged to Kill US Military

  9. Inspired by Scotland: Quarter of Americans want their states to secede from US — RT USA

  10. Middle Eastern card-stacking championship placed on hold again

  11. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day

  12. First a master race, now a master faith

  13. Wild Bill: What really causes AIDS…

  14. Timothy Cardinal Dolan twists himself into a pretzel to defend gays marching in St. Patrick’s Day Parade…

  15. Tweet of the Day: Dr. Milton Wolf zings the GOPe…

  16. Family of Benghazi victim sues State Department and CIA

  17. Democrat Congressman @RepBetoORourke, Meet The Streisand Effect

  18.  A Warning and Encouragement

  19. Character Testifies Truth

  20. Teens Blog – SF10 Prepared For The Battle

  21. Request for Prayers for the Philippines

  22. Nuggets – Weighty Matters

  23. The Rapture of the Church (a systematic theology)

  24. Who are the saints “after” the Rapture

  25. Outwardly Righteous

  26. Alcohol

  27. Here’s What You Can Do! | Inspirational Devotions & More by Tim Burt

  28. People Think What This Duck Dynasty Couple Did Before Marriage Was Crazy. I think It’s Awesome! –

  29. Identified Voter Fraud In Georgia – Ebenezer Baptist Church At Center of Voter Registration Fraud Expanding To 14 County Probe…

  30. Disturbing Video – Saint Louis Missouri Mob Assault

  31. SATIRE: Unemployed Gender Studies Major Sues ‘The Patriarchy’

  32. White House fence-jumper, makes it inside presidential residence, causes real scare, evacuation

  33. Must see US Marine video will blow you away: Holy Spirit takes over, Oorah-style!

  34. AZ Sheriff: Obama Flat Out Lying About Releasing Criminal Illegal Immigrants

  35. Limbaugh’s ‘Jesus on Trial’: The verdict is in

  36. Incensed by the use of “Evil”

  37. Incensed by the use of “Evil”- pt 2 of 3

  38. Why is Russia Probing Americas Air Defenses?

  39. My report on the Cook talk in Bristol – attendees are invited to leave their impressions

  40. A Loving Mother Suffering from Cancer Saved the Last Dance for Her Son On His Wedding Day

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