My Article Read (9-19-2014)


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  1. Scotland Votes To Remain In Union – Referendum For Scottish Independence Fails 55% – 45%

  2. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  3. Bush Lite

  4. 40 American ISIS Fighters Have Returned to the States

  5. Funny Friday – Sept. 19, 2014

  6. Quote Of The Day — September 19, 2014

  7. Obama is running out the clock

  8. ‘Don’t do it! We need you!!’ Is James Woods leaving Twitter for good?

  9. Week Three: Ten Buck Friday…

  10. Unaccompanied alien children will cost one school district in Louisiana $4.6 million this year

  11. Popcorn Alert: Al Jazeera America is suing former Vice President Al Gore

  12. Flaming Speech

  13. Child of the world – Many falling away, are you? – 2

  14. Nuggets – Blind Guides

  15. HE LIFTS US UP: Guard Your Heart

  16. Are You Washed?

  17. Quantum Physics

  18. Set My Heart On You

  19. A Hot-Tempered Person

  20. Go and See

  21. Strip Yourself of Your Broken Nature

  22. What you do before you marry affects your marital happiness and stability

  23. DWS’s ISIS problem

  24. Buzzwords, adjectives and word salad

  25. Obama is a lazy, part-time president

  26. Poll: One In Four Americans Want Their State To Secede –

  27. Iranian “Happy” dancers jailed, sentenced to 91 lashes

  28. Remember the Teenage Jihadist Poster girls Who Left Their Parents to Join ISIS? There’s a Grim Update

  29. Syria Fights Back at the Obama Administration with Over-the-Top Propaganda Photos Involving Lions

  30. John McCain-Idiot

  31. Ukraine, Poland, and Lithuania Form Joint Military ‘LITPOLUKRBRIG’ Brigade

  32. D.C. Whispers: West Wing Livid Over Military Revolt

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