My Article Read (9-16-2014)



  1. Message from Ukraine: Hey, Hillary, your ‘reset button is on fire’ [photo, video]

  2. On the contrary, Mr. Cameron, ISIS *is* Islamic

  3. #Benghazi: Did Hillary Clinton staffers have a shredding party?

  4. ‘Where’s the coexist sticker?’ Jonah Goldberg sums up liberalism in one tweet [photo]

  5. This twisted hater spewed filth, death wishes after Sadie Robertson rocked it on DWTS [photos]

  6. Avert your ears! Barbara Boxer, Debbie Stabenow reportedly serenade Senate Dems

  7. ‘Science deniers’: Bobby Jindal blasts Obama admin’s coziness with ‘fact-free Hollywood’

  8. UN-Weenies Evacuate Syria For Israel

  9. Quote Of The Day — September 16, 2014

  10. The Pentagon Sent Extra Military Gear to School Districts Too

  11. Hurrah for the Green, White and Red?

  12. Obama To Announce Ebola Force Of 3,000 US Military Personnel

  13. Poll: Americans Don’t Believe Obama Will Defeat ISIS; Now What?

  14. Hillary Clinton confidants were present to “separate” damaging documents before Benghazi probe

  15. Federal court reinstates anti-voter-fraud law in Wisconsin, Democrats hardest hit

  16. Poisoned ivy

  17. Progressive victory: since 2008, Illinois has created more food-stamp recipients than jobs

  18. Taqiyya , or basic Islamic lying

  19. Obama in state of Denial: IS a state of terror

  20. Nuggets – Moved with Fear

  21. (College) Students Tell the Truth About the Hookup Culture

  22. Please pray for victims of Pakistan’s worst floods

  23. HE LIFTS US UP: Be Still (Psalm 46:10)

  24. Gracious Words

  25. Give Me All Of You!!!

  26. Can Deserts Become Rivers?

  27. That Day Could Have Been My Last

  28. Hey, Good Lookin’

  29. Knock Knock

  30. Mourning’s End

  31. One Way God Helps You With Your Problems

  32. Becoming a Disciple is more than an Oath, a Teaching…

  33. GAO Confirms What Every Thinking Person Already Knew: Taxpayers on the Hook to Pay for “FREE” Abortions…

  34. Bloody irritating

  35. Clowns bribing morons:

  36. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  37. Egypt Vows To Hunt Down The Muslim Brotherhood Leaders As They Leave Qatar, While Qatari Officials Admit 120 Might Be Expelled…

  38. Panera Gun Free Request Draws Huge Negative Reactions

  39. Cat Stevens steps out of the (moonlight) shadows for first US tour since 1976 | World news

  40. Does same thing over and over again

  41. Pelosi: America “not at war” with ISIS

  42. Conservatives push back on Net Neutrality

  43. Why Do People Believe in Ghosts?

  44. What to Pack When Traveling with a Toddler

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