My Article Read (9-14-2014)




  1. “Conservative” Hero Jihad Darrell Issa: “Wouldn’t Mind 8 Years of Obama, Goal to Make Him Strong”

  2. ISIS beheads a British aid worker; British Prime minister heads to the office, NOT the golf course

  3. ‘Wow’: This ‘crass’ remark by Piers Morgan after Haines beheading is unbelievable

  4. Judge Jeanine Pirro: – After Weeks Dithering – Who Are We Fighting?

  5. Judge Jeanine Pirro: New Fears ISIS Could Strike Targets In The United States

  6. Jihad is Happening in the US

  7. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Foreign Reactions

  8. The Real Islam

  9. The real KaBoom…

  10. Tweet of the Day: Priceless young girl’s reaction to Hillary Clinton

  11. Racist Educator Demands Segregation In Schools

  12. Choose Your Battles Wisely

  13. Running With Purpose

  14. William Lane Craig debates Austin Dacey: Does God Exist?

  15. How then should you love your neighbor?

  16. Nuggets – Thy Word Is Settled Forever

  17. What Are You Looking For?

  18. HE LIFTS US UP: Learning Through the Ages

  19. ✞ Music “Lift My Life Up” by Unspoken

  20. The Way Of Death

  21. Discerning God’s Voice | Inspirational Devotions & More by Tim Burt


  23. Are You Ready To Stop Playing Church? Connect, Coach, Commission

  24. Christ in Us

  25. Yup, that’s about right.

  26. Single Issue Voting – The Abortion Issue

  27. Check Out Voting Americans Newest Blog Site: ‘The Ugly Truth’

  28. Has the Color of Racism in America Changed?

  29. Remembering the Ugly Truth about 9/11/2001 and 9/11/2012

  30. Female Kurdish Fighters Are A Problem For ISIS – Business Insider

  31. Prescription for ISIS

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