My Article Read (9-13-2014)




  1. Roundup

  2. Marxist Feminism’s Ruined Lives

  3. Why do our leaders insist on saying the Islamic State is “not Islamic?”

  4. Iran Russia talks

  5. More to the Boo Cruz story

  6. NSF says the best way to deal with a warming climate is to evolve with it

  7. The Weather Channel is losing viewers to global warming and other pointless programming

  8. ‘A Republic, If You Can Keep It’

  9. Gay Rights Activists Unhappy

  10. Important Benghazi Update

  11. Quote Of The Day — September 13, 2014

  12. What Could Go Wrong?

  13. Adventures in canning: Orange Marmalade…

  14. Bill Whittle: Tie-Dyed Tyranny and Pocket Gophers…

  15. Nancy Pelosi Tweets Her Ignorance…

  16. Despicable Criminal Lowlife Gets What He Deserves

  17. Simply Trying Harder Is Not Enough

  18. Christians have always stood up for a romantic, committed, exclusive view of sex

  19. The Sheep of His Pasture

  20. Teens Blog – SF9 – Relying on Jesus

  21. Trusting God to Stay on Track – Inspirational Bible Verses

  22. Nuggets – The Wells of Salvation

  23. Why Does It Seem Like the Wicked Prosper? | Inspirational Devotions & More by Tim Burt

  24. Sin

  25. Israelis “Awestruck” by American GI’s Coming to Israel to Donate Blood

  26. The Cup of Sacrifice

  27. Two straight guys get married.

  28. Minto Madness

  29. Should John Key make it easier for the Conservatives to get into Parliament

  30. Women, Minorities, EVERYONE, Turning Against Barack Obama…

  31. Longtime American Allies Rebuke Barack Obama’s Syria Bombing Plan

  32. The truth about the ‘horrible position’ Obama is putting Americans in for dealing with ISIS

  33. ‘Rational thought’: Nancy Pelosi says GOP a threat to civilization, but here are things #PelosiEndangers

  34. President Obama and John McCain’s “Moderate Syrian Rebels” (AKA doctors, farmers, pharmacists and so forth) Have Signed Truce Deal With ISIS….

  35. BREAKING: ISIS Terrorists Have Killed (Beheaded) British Hostage David Haines – Hostage #4 Alan Henning Also Displayed….

  36. Pentagon Wanted Ground Troops for ISIS; President Refused

  37. Obama delays amnesty by executive order until after midterm elections

  38. Top 12 Reasons to Own a Gun

  39. Exclusive: Dan Bongino Says ‘The Media Is A Bigger Problem Than The Democrats’

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