My Article Read (9-10-2014)




  1. America’s Kids are getting Sick and ‘They’ Know Exactly Why

  2. Dutch Report Is In: Obama Lied Again — MH17 Was NOT Shot Down by a S2A Missile

  3. House Votes to Censure Obama in Bergdahl-Taliban Trade – I’m Sure Obama is Trembling

  4. ‘I’d rather be kitesurfing’: These captions for ‘sad’ John Kerry photo are mock-tastic

  5. 9-term incumbent Democrat loses primary in Massachusetts

  6. Breaking: Smoke at DC’s Union Station [photos]

  7. Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity

  8. Roundup

  9. The GOP’s 2016 Race to Defeat

  10. Quote Of The Day — September 10, 2014

  11. We Ride to Remember

  12. How The Feds Plan to Stop Canadians From Joining Extremist Groups

  13. Police Bayonets – Whose Idea Was That?

  14. Obama is giving a speech tonight…

  15. Hey White People! A message from the kids of Ferguson, MO. If there’s anything I can’t stand it’s mouthy, snotty, sarcastic, in your face, precocious little kids…

  16. Bipartisanship: 22 Democrats joined all 227 Republicans to condemn Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl exchange…

  17. Hillary Clinton approval down to 43%…

  18. They Keep Saying That Islamic Scripture Doesn’t Mean What It Says

  19. A brief response to “10 Theories About Who Really …

  20. His Compassion Never Fails

  21. You Were Created to Be Mighty! | Inspirational Devotions & More by Tim Burt

  22. Representing the Almighty

  23. The Problem With Masks

  24. When Grandma Goes To Court — Only In The South

  25. Something Is Coming

  26. God’s Life Transforming Secret: Fill the Jar Before You Leave

  27. The Cup of Sacrifice

  28. the Trivia Generation?

  29. Quote of the week: ‘It’s a remarkable document’

  30. Gay activist pleads guilty to having sexually assaulting boys

  31. Nailed: Department of Justice Caught Conspiring With Democrats in IRS Investigation

  32. Joan Rivers specifically banned ‘tranny’ Michelle Obama and 2 others from her funeral service

  33. Cruz stands up for ‘Little Sisters’ as Obama goes after them again; ‘Go after ISIS not NUNS!’

  34. The ‘Ugly Truth’ is coming to Voting American

  35. “The Lid”: Jonathan Karl: Obama’s ISIS Speech Tomorrow To Be About Defending Obama

  36. Dinesh D’Souza prosecutor accused of misconduct : Fire Andrea Mitchell!

  37. Steven Sotloff Was Sold to ISIS by ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels

  38. Major Garrett to Obama’s spokesman: No, really, why should anyone bother watching his ISIS speech?

  39. Obama’s Strategy I’m Sure Will Just Be More of the Same

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