My Article Read (9-9-2014)




  1. ‘What took so long?’ Nike reportedly kicks Ray Rice to the curb

  2. Here’s how media’s reaction to the NFL after Ray Rice video proves Obama boot-lickery

  3. ‘Justice for ALL!’ See why James Woods is furious with Eric Holder; Issued #HolderChallenge

  4. Another Home Defense Story – Phoenix, Arizona

  5. Inner-city Black Families are Self-destructing

  6. Wild Bill: The Big Lie

  7. Quote Of The Day — September 9, 2014

  8. Judge Andrew Napolitano: Exec Order Interference

  9. James O’Keefe Strikes Again: Our NORTHERN Border is Not Safe

  10. Texas Governor Rick Perry’s lawyers invoke Louis XIV to dismiss charges

  11. Gang of Black Teens Beats White Memphis Grocery Store Employee into Unconsciousness

  12. Ben Carson: Obama Says ‘We Are Not a Judeo-Christian Nation’ – But He Doesn’t Get to Decide, We Do

  13. Wherein right-wing blogs become as disgustingly obnoxious as left-wing blogs…

  14. Amusing: Pennsylvania demo gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf uses cannibal fetish film actor in ad…

  15. Liberals call S. Truett Cathy a “hatemonger.” Then, hope he is roasting in Hell…

  16. Michelle Obama lunch program: Even salt shakers and packets are now illegal.

  17. Irony: ISIS executes Imam for being too extreme…

  18. It’s Probably All The Coke

  19. Obama Doesn’t Sleep Much But He Still Feels ‘Energized’

  20. Our Unleashed Comments On Social Media

  21. Philippians 4:13 themes elsewhere in the Bible

  22. Go Now, Rest Later

  23. Seeing Others Through Jesus’ Eyes | Inspirational Devotions & More by Tim Burt

  24. The Bible

  25. All Is Grace

  26. A Christian’s Greatest Challenge? Learning to Forgive

  27. United We Stand!

  28. A Word For Someone ~ Don’t Give Up, Breakthrough Is Here!

  29. “it doesn’t take a Weatherman….”

  30. Is there really any difference between Cops and criminals?

  31. NZ Russian man wounded in Ukraine – who is he?

  32. BREAKING: Obama IRS Going After Breitbart News Site

  33. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  34. Oddly Missing CNN Poll – CNN/ORC Take A Poll, It Reflects Horribly On President Obama, So They Bury It….

  35. Janay Rice Lashes Out Toward Media

  36. Ask not…

  37. Who warned about the consequences of pulling out of Iraq in 2007?

  38. Feminists angered by suggestion that alcohol education would curb sexual misconduct

  39. Dozens of Indiana residents arrested for harvesting ginseng plants too early

  40. This time, gang members choose wrong victim

  41. Show Them No Mercy, for You Shall Receive None

  42. All Great Lakes water level is at or above normal for first time in 14 years

  43. The Climate Science Zombie Apocalypse is coming

  44. You Thought the Crusades Were Evil… Until You Read This

  45. What Our Life Looks Like on WordPress Vs. What Our Actual Life Looks Like

  46. You Live by Beheading you shall Die by Beheading: The Shiites are now Beheading ISIS

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