My Article Read (9-8-2014)




  1. Australian Politician: We must let Islamists know We are “Here to Eliminate the Threat” They Pose

  2. Romans 13: Are We Commanded to Submit to Tyrants? Or Are We Commanded to Oppose Them?

  3. Phoenix flooding – not due to ‘climate change’, extreme rainfall events are not on the increase

  4. ‘Climate disruption’ gets a movie

  5. Ooops! First animal claimed extinct due to ‘climate change’ found ‘alive and well’

  6. The EPA’s phony ‘environmental justice’ caper

  7. Chick-Fil-A Founder Truett Cathy Dead at 93

  8. Is it Time for Doomsday or for Building a City on a Hill?

  9. DHS’s Elibiary moves on

  10. Sen. Tim Scott has something important to say to you, twisted Chick-fil-A haters [photo]

  11. Nice: Twitchy readers respond to S. Truett Cathy hate speech

  12. I don’t “get” the stock market…

  13. Prayers for Mandy Nagy…

  14. Adventures in canning: Roasted tomatoes, plums, and more beef…

  15. Resister Updates: The Big Day!

  16. From Prophet Shirley Carter

  17. God’s Asymmetry

  18. Teenage Sunday School: Different ways of thinking …

  19. Disposable Options

  20. Our Map and Our Guide

  21. The Last Days Leading up to Jesus’ Return

  22. Part Two: The Last Days Leading up to Jesus’ Return

  23. What Do You Suppose Happened?

  24. Los Banos California: Here Comes a Baptism of Great Hope in a Dark Time.

  25. The Christian Disciple’s Attitude Toward Material Goods

  26. God Says: “America, Your Destiny Awaits!”

  27. Beware of Deception!

  28. A Prophetic Word for Now, in the USA

  29. Many “Churches” are becoming Nightclubs

  30. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  31. Greta on WH Attempts to Quiet Fox News on Benghazi

  32. Clyde’s Meteor

  33. Quote Of The Day — September 8, 2014

  34. What will Trey Gowdy say about this?

  35. Making Videos with GoPro Studio

  36. Rally On D.C. 11 Sept. 2014 – THE DRYER REPORT

  37. Crossing Canadian border dressed as ISIS terrorist is easy

  38. Pray for Mandy Nagy

  39. The Scepter of Tyrants…by AFVet

  40. Ringo Starr Upset ISIS Killers Nicknamed ‘The Beatles’ « Pat Dollard

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