My Article Read (9-6-2014)




  1. DeLay: ‘Barack Obama Cannot Be Trusted’

  2. Reporter Dressed as ISIS Crossed Border Undetected

  3. What No One Wants To Say About Ferguson!

  4. Quote Of The Day — September 6, 2014

  5. Obama Covers for Islam to the Point that He Can’t use the word “Islamic” to categorize ISIS

  6. School District Quits Michelle Obama Lunch Program

  7. Wasserman Schultz condemned by own party, speaks out on crass domestic abuse-related remarks

  8. Raw emotion spills out over Bret Baier’s powerful 13 hours in Benghazi special

  9. Gowdy: More witnesses to testify on Benghazi

  10. The Beheadings Are Bait

  11. #Benghazi: security contractors claim CIA delayed aid

  12. Bill Whittle: President Coward…

  13. Head Fake: Obama delaying EO on immigration reform until after 2014 midterm elections…

  14. In Defense of Bare Naked Islam

  15. Four Meanings of Faith

  16. Not Home Yet

  17. How We Judge Others Will Be Measured Back To Us!

  18. From 9/11 to Amos 9/11

  19. The Coming Terrorist Situation: NOT Just for the USA…

  20. Wickedness in High Places!

  21. Weekend Edition: Benghazi, the Truth and Men of Honor

  22. New Zealand’s Race Debate – Reply to Mark Hubbard

  23. Study explores whether atheism is rooted in reason or emotion

  24. President Coward

  25. U.S. State Department Releases U-Tube Video In Social Media Campaign Against ISIS…

  26. New York Dem Councilwoman Urges Black Constituents To Begin Attacking Police Department – Called Out By Police Department (Video)…

  27. This cartoon puts focus of ISIS and Obama into unsettling perspective

  28. America’s Biggest Terrorism Threat = Barack Obama

  29. Debbie takes mud pit tour

  30. Iraq: a Problem of Mixed Messages

  31. Obama has No Intention of Stopping ISIS

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