My Article Read (8-28-2014) (8-29-2014)




  1. ISIS is a Zionist Conspiracy

  2. HHS official convicted on child porn

  3. ‘HORRIFYING’: Actress Kristen Johnston disgusted by Zara’s Holocaust chic

  4. ‘Try to imagine’: Pat Sajak ponders level of ‘liberal outrage’ with golfer-in-chief of a different name

  5. ‘We got this!’ So, how’s that Russia ‘promise of hashtag’ deal going, State Dept.’s Jen Psaki? [photo]

  6. The Road To World War 3: Russia And Ukraine Are Now Engaged In A Shooting War

  7. Let the Citizens Be Heard: California PD Ordered to Get Rid of MRAP

  8. 18 Signs That The Obama Administration Is Openly Hostile To The Military

  9. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sues federal government over Common Core

  10. (Video) Andrew Klavan on “How to speak Leftist”

  11. Best Toddler Moment of our Germany Trip – Affenberg Salem

  12. Is Facebook silencing YOUR politics?

  13. Wild Bill asks: Did the feds pay the rioters in Ferguson, defends Michelle Malkin, and dumps on Alex Jones…

  14. Courageous Elderly Christians REFUSE #ISIS Conversion Demand

  15. Traditional marriage supporters warned you about this…

  16. Syrian Imam Claims Hillary Clinton Gave Birth To ISIS “From Her Filthy Womb”…

  17. Students hit back at Michelle Obama lunch changes…

  18. Living Aware

  19. California says two Catholic universities must pay for abortion

  20. Children’s (Real) Letters To God

  21. Football Fan — Faith Fan

  22. Christian Disciples Learn to Face Adversity


  24. Magnifying Jesus Christ!!!

  25. The War with Hamas

  26. Word of the Lord for September 2014

  27. Sell Your Cleverness and Purchase Bewilderment

  28. Bernard Hickey is a Lemming

  29. Bastardi: warm water brings potential for East Pacific hurricanes

  30. Paper: Long ‘pauses’ in warming will soon be ‘a thing of the past’

  31. Civil Forfeiture Gone Wild: City of Brotherly Love Rapes Residents

  32. “Hooves Up ! “

  33. Shocking Number Of Americans Fighting For ISIS Is Staggering

  34. Trouble in Ferguson’s Brown-ville… NYT style

  35. The Caliphate Brings Trauma

  36. Global Warming Scientists are not Scientists – They’re an Embarrassment & Frauds – Freedom Outpost

  37. Second American Killed While Fighting With ISIS Identified As Abdirahmaan Muhumed – From Minneapolis….

  38. Russia Begins Direct Military Invasion Of Ukraine – President Obama To Send Strongly Worded Letter…

  39. No, Social Media Does Not Stifle Debate

  40. Branco Cartoon – 2014 Democratic Challenge


  1. Joe Bastardi’s forecast for Harry Reid gets a BIG ‘thumbs up!’

  2. ‘Wow!’ David Cameron’s terror threat speech found in ‘amazing contrast’ to Obama’s

  3. Did hell just freeze over? NYT’s Nick Kristof has harsh words for ‘No Strategy’ Obama

  4. ‘Because of the telegraph’! Obama’s ‘messy’ gaffe sparks mockery [photos]

  5. ‘High five!’ Does Dem Party think we have something to celebrate? [photo]

  6. Breaking: Democratic Senator Caught In A Big Scandal That Could Help The GOP Take The Senate

  7. In which President Obama channels King Ethelred the Unready

  8. Comforting: ISIS laptop found with bio-warfare manuals on it

  9. Early Check Out: The World Gets Crazier and Obama Goes Golfing

  10. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  11. Newark High School Teacher Threatens Kids – Union and Administration Ignore, Give Reprimand…

  12. Mike Brown Shooting – Open Discussion Thread

  13. California drivers brace for costly new global warming gas tax

  14. Friday Funny: Full text of IPeCaC’s 2020 report leaked!

  15. Climate craziness of the week: Man to live on melting iceberg for one year to highlight climate change

  16. Missouri police sued for $40 million over Ferguson riots : Fire Andrea Mitchell!

  17. Rep. Louie Gohmert Rips Obama and Anyone Who thought taking out Bashar al-Assad last year was a Good Idea

  18. Video: Ed Henry to Josh Earnest: How Can Obama Fundraise After ‘No Strategy’ Remark?

  19. #WarOnBabies #WarOnMoms Kicked Out Of Hospitals HOURS After Birth

  20. I Don’t Dance To Your Tune!

  21. Sheltered Definitions

  22. Daddy Rights and Privileges

  23. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you agree with them.

  24. We Who Overcome

  25. When People Leave Your Church… and It’s Okay

  26. Why are we still listening to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

  27. A Time And Season For Everything

  28. An Appeal to Heaven

  29. Brit police: Accomplices in and enablers of child rape.

  30. ISIS? Islam? Pffft…the FBI has bigger fish to fry.

  31. ‘Want Your Manhood Back?’

  32. Global Warming Scientists are not Scientists – They’re an Embarrassment & Frauds

  33. If You Are The U.N. IPCC, This HAS To Suck.

  34. So, You “Trust” The Mainstream Media ?

  35. What Next, You Ask ?

  36. Quote Of The Day — August 29, 2014

  37. Saltwater Says: We Are SO Screwed

  38. ISIS closer than you think

  39. #FL26: Carlos Curbelo Wins GOP Primary

  40. Why everyone in America should be watching the Florida governor’s race


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