My Article Read (8-20-2014)




  1. WH reportedly knew of ISIS threat to kill Foley and Obama was doing this [photo]

  2. If you think Rick Perry’s mugshot is awesome, you are about to see it improved by Iowahawk

  3. ‘When you’ve lost Ezra’: Journos find Obama golfing after James Foley presser ‘in bad taste’

  4. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo: We’ve been suspending users who posted beheading images

  5. ‘Horrible lie’: Mark Udall called out for ‘misleading and irresponsible’ Hobby Lobby fear-mongering

  6. ‘Depraved’: Let’s compare David Cameron’s response to Foley beheading to Obama’s (It’s enraging)

  7. Like Your Steaks ?

  8. Quote Of The Day — August 20, 2014

  9. When trees become flowers and flowers become trees

  10. In Pictures…The Story of Ferguson, Missouri

  11. And HERE Lies The Problem.

  12. Crickets, its whats for dinner

  13. UHI – worse than we thought

  14. New York Times Sours On Obama Executive Amnesty

  15. Obama’s presser says slaughter in Iraq due to no ‘kowtowing’ to ISIS

  16. Will the Media remain a friend of Obama after they jail a NY Times reporter?

  17. #Benghazi: retired Lt. General to head Select Committee legal team

  18. Andrew Klavan & Bill Whittle – What is Truth?

  19. Wild Bill – Battle Lines USA

  20. Lawlessness is a Demon

  21. Buddha And Truth

  22. Not-So-Great Expectations

  23. A Leader’s Most Powerful Tool! | Inspirational Devotions & More by Tim Burt

  24. AMERICA must come to Repentance!

  25. The Yawning Chasm Dream


  27. Legalism vs. Grace


  29. What the Media Won’t Tell You: Churches in Ferguson Are Marching among Rioters to Bring Peace and Blessing, Not Looting

  30. Ferguson Tragedy Spurs Churches and Communities in other States To Strengthen Trust Between Police and Local Residents

  31. New York Church Cancels Plans to House Immigrant Children after Public Outrage

  32. White People Are NOT Our “Black Brother’s Keepers!!”

  33. Well how do you like Islam now Journos?

  34. Dirty Politics has helped me decide to vote National

  35. Meanwhile Just Outside of Ferguson…

  36. They Really Don’t Like Us….

  37. Boston College of Theology: Babies Cause “Global Warming!”

  38. Texas Gov. Rick Perry turns himself in for grand jury indictment — RT USA

  39. Go to Ferguson, Mr. President – Bloomberg View

  40. President Bush accepts Jenna Bush Hager’s Ice Bucket Challenge – News –

  41. Police arrest dozens overnight in Ferguson as prosecutors prepare case for grand jury

  42. Buck up me Hearty’s…..AMERICA RISING

  43. Obama Is Seen as Frustrating His Own Party –

  44. Watch Deneen Borelli Criticize “Chief Activist” Eric Holder’s Role in Ferguson Investigation on Hannity – Deneen Borelli

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