My Article Read (8-18-2014) (8-19-2014)




  1. Golfing, Dancing, Concerts, Parties Almost Everyday – Ferguson Race Riots Make Bad Optics – Obama “I Got This”… And Here’s Pic To Prove It!..

  2. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  3. Missouri the “Show Me” State, as in ….”Show Me the Money”….

  4. ‘Game change’: Is this how Obama will cap off today’s statement on Iraq and Ferguson?

  5. Lapdoggin’ is hard: Journo fails to convince ‘all’ Americans to join Obama in unity goal

  6. Andy Levy describes Obama’s level of passion for his job with ‘moving’ comparison

  7. Why is Obama grinning in this Ferguson briefing photo? Plus, key question for Pres. Photo Op

  8. Thugs! Actor James Woods has had it; Doesn’t mince words on Rick Perry indictment

  9. 11 Days in Germany with A Toddler – What Excites & Worries Me

  10. Disagreeing with Jim Geraghty: Senate Democrats do want their jobs

  11. America’s Fading Glory

  12. It’s his party and he’ll lie if he wants to

  13. Presser re: Michael Brown autopsy – Dr. Baden answers questions… .

  14. Five people have been killed and at least 27 others wounded in weekend shootings across Chicago…

  15. Eyewitness releases video from shortly after Brown shooting. It shows Officer Wilson.

  16. The “Peaceful Protestors”

  17. A Prayer for Those who Abuse their Power

  18. The Lord says: I Will Overturn Oppressive Regimes

  19. The Veil is Stripped Off and Taken Away!

  20. Are You Afraid to Ask God When You Have Needs?

  21. Walking Billboards

  22. Pointless Ohio State study predicts the obvious with models – fish will die as streams dry out

  23. Breaking: What Mike Huckabee Just Did Could Reignite The Tea Party

  24. Obama Declines the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

  25. Palestinians In Gaza Have Had Enough Of Hamas, Call For New Leadership

  26. Asshat Alert: Saudi Sheik Dies After Attempted Donkey Rape

  27. Quote Of The Day — August 18, 2014

  28. The curious case of the missing D

  29. Rumored 2016 contender slams Obama: ‘If I became president … I might have time to take up golf’

  30. ‘Just brutal’: Rick Perry fights back against indictment ‘#LikeABoss’

  31. ‘Evil straight from the pits of hell’: American journalist James Foley reportedly beheaded by ISIS

  32. ‘No justice, no treats!’ Uncanny: Larry Elder notices something funny about Jesse Jackson’s face

  33. The Socialist Network? Jim Geraghty has an unnerving thought about today’s Americans

  34. Quote of the week – the numerology of “dialing in” climate science

  35. A birds-eye view of the bird scorching Ivanpah solar electric power plant

  36. More than a dozen witnesses back up cop’s version of Ferguson shooting, police sources say

  37. Black journalist shuts up NBC panel: Let’s not pretend cops killing blacks is the problem

  38. More Libs Lend Support to Governor Rick Perry

  39. Hezbollah Supporters Held Rally in Orlando, Florida

  40. When Digging A Hole……

  41. Quote Of The Day — August 19, 2014

  42. Redskin fans push back…

  43. Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 8/19/14

  44. ZoNation – It would be Insanity…

  45. Wake Up!  America is Spiritually Torn Up!!

  46. 10 Symptoms Of Inner Peace

  47. What is “Godspeed”?

  48. TRUST

  49. Don’t Fall Into Satan’s Trap

  50. People who may need deliverance .. From John Eckhardt

  51. Rick Perry Indicted for Having Integrity

  52. Mark Levin Just Made A Huge Endorsement That Could Help Restore America To Greatness

  53. Hillary Clinton, populist heroine

  54. Okay, which one of you guys bombed Libya?

  55. Meet Rick Perry’s Legal Team

  56. No, this is not a photo of women being sold in Mosul

  57. The Benghazi Brief

  58. BUSTED ! – The Mysterious Mike Brown Autopsy – And How The Scheme Team Used Their New York Times Cohort Frances Robles To Sell The Lie…

  59. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  60. O’Reilly: FBI Stats Prove Blacks Almost Never Shot By Cops, ‘It Doesn’t Happen’ – – Those Who Say It Does ‘Are Lying’ « Pat Dollard

  61. Awesome post for read, i hope everyone enjoy — Part 3

  62. Find Out Why I was Glad to be Sick on Vacation

  63. Managed to fill in Vote Compass this time

  64. Vote Compass – couldn’t do it

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