My Article Read (8-17-2014)




  1. Mike Huckabee on Southern Culture

  2. Are Texas democrats “Ham Sandwiching” Governor Rick Perry?

  3. In Answer to the Looting – ‘All Damn Day’

  4. Thought For Today – Netanyahu

  5. Quote Of The Day — August 17, 2014

  6. A Sunday Feel Good Story – A Saab Story

  7. Actor-director Rob Reiner says Tea Party is just like Hamas

  8. Missouri State Senator Drops Multiple “F-Bombs” in Response to Governor’s Handling of Ferguson

  9. Boko Haram Muslims Slaughter 1000 Christians – Cook Them Alive and Chop Them in Pieces

  10. Tea Party Targeted In Violent Video Game

  11. Police without Body Armor: Let It Become a Trend!

  12. ‘Holy Freudian slip Batman!’ Texans for Public Justice rep inadvertently confirms Perry indictment is a witch hunt

  13. Adventures in Canning: Raw vs Hot Pack and a question about Ferguson, MO…

  14. Video of the Day: Swat Team Raids Innocent Woman’s Home; Lawsuit Filed

  15. Wild Bill – Dirty Democrats of Texas

  16. 2 Chronicles 19:6-7 (GNV)

  17. Get Ready to Revisit Your Old Dreams

  18. Prophecy: Ungodly Youth Event in Kenya

  19. The Lord is Your Helper at This Very Moment



  22. Weekend Edition: Obamacare’s REAL Numbers Exposed

  23. Top 10 reasons the new WordPress Beep Boob editor is a stunning failure.

  24. Nobody expects the Spanish solar inquisition!

  25. Moore tour needs some backers

  26. Obama, Hillary hug-a-thon turned into a snub-a-thon

  27. U.S. Continues Strikes Against ISIS In Battle For Mosul Dam…

  28. Dershowitz ‘Outraged’ by Perry Indictment

  29. And The Most Surprisingly Awesome Destination & Resort Goes to Panama & Westin Playa Bonita

  30. 1.1 Million American Homeless Youth and Obama Spends Millions to House Illegals

  31. Darn those security cameras!

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