My Article Read (8-16-2014)




  1. Why Was Ebola-Infected Patrick Sawyer Cleared for Travel?

  2. Five Illegal Immigrants Detained In Albania With Ebola Symptoms: Montenegro and Bulgaria Also have Individuals in Quarantine

  3. When A U.S. President IS Muslim Brotherhood

  4. Brown Allegedly Stole from SAME QUIKTRIP that was Looted and Burnt to Ground

  5. Michael Moore: Osama bin Laden won because US is now a police state

  6. Liberal journalist Timothy Noah says Rick Perry indictment ‘looks pretty thin’

  7. Former Anthony Weiner intern: Most people think the charges against Rick Perry are BS

  8. Even David Axelrod thinks Rick Perry indictment is ‘pretty sketchy’

  9. Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz tweet their support for Rick Perry

  10. ‘I intend to win’: Gov. Rick Perry decries ‘partisan political theatrics’ in statement on indictment

  11. Gov. Perry indictment: when even David Axelrod says it looks weak…

  12. Operation Choke Point – FDIC Backing Down?

  13. Surprise! Gun Sales Boom in St Louis

  14. HORROR! High School Football Players and Coaches are Praying Together

  15. Scary: Apple to begin storing user data on Chinese servers…

  16. Shoot The Looters

  17. A disclaimer. I am simply a Prophet. You need to know the truth about this..

  18. The Full Armor of God

  19. Avoid This Wrecking Ball Slamming Into Your Life!

  20. A Dream of the Fire Falling



  23. White Privilege

  24. Friday Fume

  25. New alarm book pushes the ‘Weather is never just weather’ idea

  26. US Marine prosecuted for urinating on Afghan corpses found dead — RT USA

  27. Feds Bought Border Fence, But Not For the US

  28. The Swearing In, What He Really Said

  29. Quote Of The Day — August 16, 2014

  30. Meet the All-Female Kurdish Warriors

  31. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  32. Officer Darren Wilson Received Commendation For Great Service Prior To Shooting…

  33. El Rushbo Weighs In – How The Media Spins, Twists, Contorts and Lies – – Then Disappears….

  34. Eric Holder and DOJ/CRS Actively Wanted To Keep Mike Brown Robbery Video Hidden From Public….

  35. The PURGE In Real Life – Alarming Report From Kentucky: Louisville police respond to ‘Purge’ threats…

  36. 5 Reasons Why Westin Playa Bonita is a Pool Lovers Paradise

  37. ISIS Executes 700 Civilians In Syria

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