My Article Read (8-15-2014)




  1. DHS Is Employing Agent Provocateurs and Are Behind the Events In Ferguson

  2. Police Release Surveillance Video: Michael Brown Was Involved in Robbery Before Fatal Shooting

  3. New Black Panther Leader Hashim Nzinga Says ‘like it or not Obama is from Kenya’

  4. Morsi’s wife threatens to publish letters from Hillary Clinton, exposing “special relationship” between Muslim Brotherhood and Obama Administration

  5. That’s cold! Willie Robertson takes Gov. Jindal’s #ALSIceBucketChallenge [photo, video]

  6. Cue the ‘Sarah McLachlan music’ and weep for Obama’s ‘vacation from hell’

  7. ‘We’re done’: Fox News’ Shannon Bream dumps her doctor

  8. ‘Brown deserved execution’? Slate journo thinks he’s got ‘right-wing Twitter’ pegged

  9. Archie Bunker Was Right: Rob Reiner is a Meathead

  10. WATCH: Liberal Columnist Dana Milbank Claims Obama Has Made The Nation ‘Miserable’

  11. Congress under pressure from left and right to ‘demilitarize’ police

  12. The Key Detail Apparently Left Out of Reports on Viral Photo Showing SWAT Team ‘Dismantling’ Al Jazeera Crew’s Equipment

  13. Checkers flies US flag upside down; hear what Mexican employee tells concerned veterans

  14. ‘Learn the G-D language!’ Gene Simmons blows up political correctness in must-see debate with lib host

  15. Bill Whittle” The Struggle for Stupidity…

  16. Shock Video: This is how many local police now see themselves…

  17. Change: Egypt looking to Russia for new weapons…

  18. Lady pastor was praying when she was shot by a rubber bullet in Ferguson Wednesday

  19. ZoNation – Democrat Cities are Dangerous Places to Live

  20. Emotion VS Facts

  21. Busy Afternoon

  22. Death, Sin and HELL

  23. Marks of a true prophet

  24. My People, your Tears have not fallen in vain…

  25. Something We Need To Know


  27. The Link Between The Heart and The Mouth!

  28. Shameless Republicans Resort to the Truth

  29. Asshat Alert: Hamasshole “Bomb Expert” Blows Up Bomb Squad

  30. The Judenrein Port of Oakland

  31. The Benghazi Brief, Part 4 (of 4)

  32. Quote Of The Day — August 15, 2014

  33. Reach out and violate someone

  34. Advertisements from long, long ago

  35. A Smidge To Far – HHS Smidgen Official Marilyn Tavenner: “Please Delete This Email”…

  36. Late Night Contribution Thread – Question…

  37. Bumper Sticker Of The Day

  38. Trayvon 2.0 Redux – Comparing Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin Similarities…

  39. This is what Obama’s “border security” looks like

  40. Obama declares “siege of Mount Sinjar” over, but no clear strategy to defeat ISIS (Update: Maliki Resigns)

  41. Obama Is Killing Dems’ Senate Hopes « Commentary Magazine

  42. Obama throws Israel under the bus…..again

  43. I know people EXACTLY like this. No Nothings. Ignorant of reality but with strong opinions supported by fantasy and fairy dust

  44. Ferguson Cop: He’s Bla-ack!

  45. Obama Orders Texas Rangers To Stand Down On Border Defense, See What They Do Instead


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