My Article Read (8-13-2014)




  1. Yeesh:’s ‘amazingly desperate fundraising plea’ [photo]

  2. Drew Brees’ ALS ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ to Gov. Bobby Jindal is ‘accepted’

  3. ‘Le burn!’ It’s THIS bad: Did the French foreign minister just slam vacationing Obama?

  4. Robin Williams Family Guy Suicide Episode Airs Minutes Before News of Actor’s Death

  5. Illegals and Amnesty in the Headlines

  6. The Benghazi Brief, Part 2 (of 4)

  7. Quote Of The Day — August 13, 2014

  8. Robin Williams – 1951-2014

  9. Recent Hawaiian Tropical Cyclones – Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies of the Storm Tracks

  10. Ignoring Christian Persecution Goes Back Before Obama

  11. Corrections Officers Gone Wild!

  12. Robin Williams: The Genie is Free?…

  13. VP Joe Biden taking third vacation in a month…

  14. Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 8/13/14

  15. REPOST.. Regarding the Suicide of Robin Williams

  16. Tribulation Today….

  17. The Lie of Satan


  19. Losing A Loved One to Suicide~

  20. An Empty Office – A Full Future

  21. Wounding Words

  22. Americans Are Bowing to Demonic Pharaoh

  23. Inspiring Stuff

  24. What Denmark Thinks of Obama and the Cattle Dung He’s Been Shoveling Them:

  25. Rand Paul Not Sure If Bombing ISIS To Stop Genocide Such A Good Idea…

  26. Will IRAN Get A Nuclear Bomb ? President Obama: “we will have to wait and see, but it is not for lack of trying on our part”…

  27. Mysterious Recurring Fish Kill Off Martha’s Vineyard Baffles Scientists….

  28. #IfTheyGunnedMeDown: Social media calls out MSM for portrayal of Mike Brown — RT USA

  29. DHS broke law in releasing hundreds of criminal aliens: Audit – Washington Times

  30. Obama is About to Experience “the Revenge of the Middle Class” – Wayne Allyn Root

  31. 20 left-leaning watchdog groups call for CIA Director Brennan’s resignation

  32. Michelle Obama Might Never Show Her Face In A High School Again After What These Students Just Did

  33. Watch: This Small New Jersey Town Is Taking A Big Stand Against Ludicrous Obama Worship

  34. The People Obama Tried To Blame For His Own Mistakes In Iraq Just Fired Back At Him With A Vengeance

  35. Obama: ‘Not My Decision’ to Pull Troops out of Iraq

  36. #ButtHurt Bomber Beaten By Bloggers

  37. Bloggers Defeat Brett Kimberlin’s Vexatious Defamation Case In Maryland

  38. Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. Wrap Up Posts

  39. Beck And The Left Rewriting The Rewritten Iraq War

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