My Article Read (8-10-2014) (8-11-2014)




  1. NASCAR’s Brad Keselowski urges no rush to judgment after tragic Tony Stewart, Kevin Ward accident

  2. Stunner in the Aloha State: ‘Obama’s homeboy’ Gov. Neil Abercrombie absolutely crushed in Democratic primary

  3. Muslims Flash Flag of Jihad in Front of White House, Threaten America

  4. Islam: Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword

  5. More and more Americans think Michelle Obama is a man

  6. Judge Jeanine Pirro Castigates Obama for Feckless Foreign Policy

  7. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Camp Rockmont

  8. Quote Of The Day — August 10, 2014

  9. Will I Be The First ?

  10. Breaking news on Plane crashes in Tehran, Iran, August 2014 –

  11. Missouri community outraged after police kill teen –

  12. The Manslater – A Gadget Every Man Would Want

  13. Zephaniah 2:1-7

  14. JESUS – Not worth losing your head over.. or

  15. Slippery Slopes


  17. Christians Suffering As Christ

  18. Who are the Arabs?

  19. Prophetic Alert: Russia, Iran, Gaza, Hamas and Putin

  20. A Word of the Lord to America…

  21. Mark Levin asks why Obama is vacationing in ‘the whitest place on Earth’

  22. Americans proudly hijack ISIS hashtag to tell them to go to hell

  23. Fighters abandoning al-Qaeda affiliates to join Islamic State, U.S. officials say

  24. HORROR: NY Dem Abortion Bill Allows Shooting Babies Through the Heart With Poison To Kill Them « Pat Dollard

  25. WATCH – Moron Filth Glenn Beck Betrays America, Troops Over ISIS: Obama And ‘Liberals, You Were Right,’ We Should Never Have Gone Into Iraq « Pat Dollard

  26. Day #2 – Four Airstrikes Launched Against ISIL… “JV Squad”

  27. Washington Post: Tea Party Power Not Fading, Even After Primary Losses

  28. Head of Human Rights Watch completely baffled as to why Israel has killed so many young men…

  29. Good news: You are going to get to pay for the education of 30,000 more illegals…

  30. Understanding the Pure Evil of Jihad | Radical Islam

  31. How much would it cost to shut up James O’Keefe? This much.

  32. Something for #Obamacare apologists to worry about

  33. So, this turned into a weekend off…

  34. Brilliant – Sharyl Attkisson: If Nixon’s Watergate Were A Scandal Today…

  35. Must Watch Video – Game, Set, Match,…. Walk off Homer…. Good Night !

  36. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  37. A Life Without Restrictions; A Life Without Fear!

  38. Headline Hooters: Nothing worse than a machete gone crazy…

  39. Adventures in Canning: Remind me to never can these again…

  40. ObamaCare exchange enrollment numbers on the decline…

  41. Report: Terrorist leaders in eastern Ukraine fleeing for their lives…

  42. Chasing The Pharisee

  43. True Christianity! It’s Not About Me!

  44. Getting Days And Nights Mixed Up


  46. Pray And Ask God For HIS Spiritual Wisdom~

  47. Israel’s Allies and Enemies: The Truth Exposed…Part 1 of 3

  48. Where Was Ol’ Broad?

  49. Home!

  50. Watch Osama bin Laden Wade into the U.S.

  51. Russian threats against Poland and the Baltics

  52. Republicans Poised To Take Senate In Just 3 Months – Stirring Fear In Obama White House

  53. Robin Williams Dead In Apparent Suicide


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