My Article Read (8-9-2014)




  1. IRS Smidgen Contagion Infects HHS Leadership – HHS Loses Subpoenaed E-Mails Too,…. Yup, No Joke…

  2. Moonbats On Parade – Pelosi Says “Hamas is Humanitarian” and Elizabeth Warren Says “Must Negotiate Solution With ISIL”…. (Graphic Image Warning)

  3. He’s Merely Phoning it In Now – A Failing President Obama Talks To New York Times For An Hour Before Heading Off On Vacation….

  4. The Benghazi Brief – The Entire Story Of Operation “Zero Footprint” In Libya and Why Further Committee Hearings Are Futile…

  5. Pentagon Video Of Strikes Against Two ISIL Targets 8/8/14

  6. ‘Paging Mr. Obama’: Larry Elder brings list of concerns to president’s attention

  7. ‘Screw you’: Americans hijack #AMessageFromISIStoUS

  8. ‘Delusional’: Sen. Elizabeth Warren says ‘there has to be a negotiated solution in Iraq’

  9. ‘Badass’ David Draiman unloads on liberal media for fueling ‘a wave of anti-Semitism’

  10. Texas School Principal Fired for Following State Law and Trying to Prepare Students

  11. “Why Do You Show Graphic Pictures?”

  12. 9th-Grade Curriculum: Bondage, Orgasms and Vibrators

  13. No Fear of God among Bankers and Politicians

  14. Reagan Presidential Aide James Brady’s Recent Death Ruled Homicide 33 Years After Gunshot Wound

  15. Legendary rocker Gene Simmons joins other Hollywood stars in calling Obama out

  16. Marion Barry’s disgusting response to reporter about unpaid tickets will infuriate you

  17. Watch dumb Charlie Crist look-alike get what he deserves from angry gator

  18. Rocker’s amazing answer to ‘Son of a Right-Winger’ letter bashing his dad goes viral

  19. Caliphate: Glenn Beck’s Dire Warning has become Our Reality!

  20. WATCH: A Surprising Pro-Israel Rally in Tokyo; Japanese Show Their Support for Israel – TLVFaces – TLVFaces

  21. Thousands of Iraqi children face death after ISIS advance; where’s the liberal hashtag campaign?

  22. Amazing Video: Just a bear walking upright like a human

  23. The Anti Maxim

  24. Your Expanding Future



  27. #WeAreN: Thousands Unite in Support of the Persecuted Christians in Iraq Using Twitter

  28. Faith

  29. The Blood of the Martyrs will Cause a Great Harvest and Awakening!

  30. No American Tribulation?

  31. Calling Prayer Warriors: PRAY for the U.S.A.

  32. Chariots of Fire in America

  33. What are you manifesting?

  34. Friday Fume

  35. Australia. Creating serfs……

  36. I Had A Dream…. Part One.

  37. Quote Of The Day — August 9, 2014

  38. Remembering a Texas Goodbye to Chris Kyle

  39. Armed Illegals Wearing Fatigues Spotted in Texas

  40. S-S-SSeparated At Birth ?

  41. My Vote for Political Cartoonist of the Year

  42. “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”

  43. Godless California

  44. Running against Washington

  45. Putin, The Defender Of Christians Against Muslims

  46. Starbucks: We don’t fund Israel – Aug. 8, 2014

  47. Horrors of ISIS

  48. ‘Brave German Woman’ Rebukes Muslim Imam in Historic Church

  49. LifeThought: When we become better, everything around us becomes better – Bruce Van Horn

  50. Women Speak Out Against Democrat Using Little Girl in Campaign Ad to Promote Abortion

  51. VIDEO: KISS Legend Gene Simmons: Obama’s Word Means Nothing

  52. Watch: Pro-Hamas Protesters Were Marching In NYC. What Happened Next Was Completely Epic

  53. Awesome: This Israeli Town Just Sent Obama A Message He Won’t Be Able To Ignore

  54. Rick Perry: “It’s Time for Us to Start a Little Rebellion”

  55. Top Marine General Now Risking His Career To Take Down Obama


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