My Article Read (8-6-2014)


News, Coffee


  1. Somebody in psychology finally ‘gets it’ about Stephan Lewandowsky and John Cook and their ‘smear science’

  2. WUWT, filling in knowledge holes since 2006

  3. ‘You really are a bigot’: ‘Voxhole’ Max Fisher bravely mocks Netanyahu’s accent

  4. ‘Best laugh all week!’ How did Obama inadvertently condemn unions and himself? Like this

  5. ‘This is great’: David Limbaugh ponders fate of NBC reporter accused of Israel ‘smear’

  6. ‘Not a chance’: Reason Obama hasn’t commented on killing of US general met with skepticism

  7. No More Apologies for Islam – The Totalitarian Death Cult

  8. So the People of Sierra Leone Believe the Ebola Outbreak Is a “Government Conspiracy,” Do They…

  9. How Do We Tell Our Children About the New World Order?

  10. France Opens Borders to Persecuted Iraqi Christians While America Does Nothing

  11. New Leaker Behind Revelation of Expanded Definition of Terrorist

  12. Tempting God in America

  13. Hunting and gathering, circa 1962

  14. A Governor’s Dilemma: Illegal Immigrants Divert Resources From State’s Own Citizens

  15. Do You Believe Obama Wants to Resign?

  16. Tense moment coal miner confronts WV Dem Senate candidate: ‘Then why do you support Obama?’

  17. NJ cop to citizen: If Obama doesn’t have to follow the Constitution, we don’t have to

  18. Nancy Pelosi in damage control, lying about meltdown on House floor

  19. A Tempered Passion

  20. The First Evangelist

  21. Please Pray For The Children

  22. Are You Called As a Prophet? Here Are Two Ways To Know


  24. In God We Trust 11:11

  25. A Prayer Against Terrorism in the Nations

  26. Hearing the LORD!

  27. Prophetic Message to the Nation of KENYA

  28. Dust if You Must…

  29. Ebola Outbreak Update: “Spinning out of control”

  30. NBC News finds a new low in Obama approval…

  31. Moochie, Chik-Fil-A and Smart Snacks

  32. Quote Of The Day — August 6, 2014

  33. State Dinner on Steroids

  34. Hamassholes Protect Their Buildings

  35. ASSHAT ALERT . Or,From The ” WHAT Did He Say ????” File

  36. The Female Version of Michael Bloomberg

  37. D’oh Moonbat John Kerry Says Africa Should Not Farm To Feed Population Because It Might Create Global Warming…

  38. While President Zero Fiddles With Lionel Richie – Only Benjamin Netanyahu and Fatah el-Sisi Stand In Opposition To Expanding Radical Islamic Terror…

  39. Persona Non Grata – What Part Of “NOT WELCOME” Does Kerry Not Understand ? – U.S. Debating Whether To Join Cairo Peace Talks They’ve Not Been Invited To…

  40. NC sheriff urges residents to arm themselves

  41. Breaking News Alerts at Voting American

  42. Economic Solution From A 12 Year Old Girl Born In Canada

  43. Two Democratic Senators Call for Resignation of CIA Director who Allegedly Converted to Islam

  44. What’s Left On My 2014 Bucket List?

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