My Article Read (8-4-2014)


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  1. ‘Hang Your Heads in Shame’: A Hollywood Heavyweight Gives Fellow Actors a History Lesson

  2. Vindication in the Tea Party Case Against IRS

  3. Leaked Document Reveals Immigrants from 75+ Countries are Entering Through Southern Border

  4. Two Democratic Senators Call for Resignation of John Brennan

  5. Obama’s bizarre birthday campaign: ‘Way to be creepy there, DNC’

  6. Outrage! US Marine attacked by pro-Hamas mob in his own nation’s capital

  7. WH Adviser: ‘The President Has No Choice But To Act’ On Immigration

  8. A Page From The Democrat Playbook.

  9. Judge Jeanine Pirro – Crisis At The Border with Louie Gohmert

  10. YOU will determine if our next President is qualified …

  11. Quote Of The Day — August 4, 2014

  12. HEY, Dummies. We Tried To Tell You.

  13. What stratospheric hotspot?

  14. Ben Carson on Foreign Policy: Not Credible

  15. First Principles #3: Charity

  16. Iraq’s Religious Minorities are Being Slaughtered and ISIS Just Captured the Last Town Giving Them Shelter

  17. “When Your Kid Get’s Chicken Pox, They Don’t Shut The School”….

  18. CDC Says Low Probability Odds Of Ebola Becoming A Problem For U.S…..

  19. BREAKING – High Probability Ebola Patient In New York City – Testing Mt. Sinai Hospital Patient From West Africa….

  20. A smidgen of sunlight: DC District Court orders DOJ to release Fast and Furious documents sought by Judicial Watch

  21. Jury Clears Man Who Fired Warning Shot At Police During Forcible Entry Into Wrong House….

  22. The Transparency of Punditry Shows In Propaganda Tightrope Walking In Mississippi Senate Runoff…

  23. I have changed my view on ministering to the imprisoned and the homeless…

  24. Religious experience: Rethinking how our lives touch others…

  25. Godless America?

  26. Our Ongoing Transformation | Inspirational Devotions & More by Tim Burt

  27. The Fine Line

  28. How Should We Be Living?


  30. Miracle Confirmed by Iron Dome Commander: God Moved Missile We Couldn’t Hit

  31. Victory: Atheists Sound Retreat; Give Up on Forcing IRS to Censor Sermons

  32. This Pro Wrestler was Conceived When His Mom was Raped at 11-Years-Old; Now He Promotes Fatherhood on Public Service Announcements

  33. Holy Spirit Email (Monday 8-2-2010)


  35. ‘Christian’ Leaders Fail to Bring the Truth : Freedom Outpost

  36. Mr. President: Your Incompetence is showing

  37. You’ve Tread on US Mr. President…BIG MISTAKE!

  38. Watch: In Just 3 Words This Border Patrol Agent Admits Something That Could Have Obama Enraged

  39. ‘Personified courage and decency’: Former WH Press Secretary James Brady has died

  40. ‘Another winner’! MAD Magazine busts Obama on his birthday [Photoshop]

  41. ‘Amen’! Jon Lovitz: ‘If you don’t want a fight with Israel, don’t pick one’

  42. Bobby Jindal examines ‘preventable crisis’ at US border [photos]Sen Grassley: Why outrage against Israel and not ISIS?; unhinged responses

  43. Mayim Bialik likes Jon Voight’s letter shaming pro-Hamas celebrities


  45. Awesome: persons from Ebola-outbreak countries among illegal border crossers

  46. The US and Israel are big meanies because they won’t share!

  47. The Hamas trap: hidden labyrinth was wired for war

  48. Wild Bill: Biden on voter ID law is “an evil self-serving lie by a devious sinister man”…(This is a must see video)

  49. Joe Biden is a Vile Little Man

  50. Report: Michelle pushed Barack to side with blacks in racial controversies

  51. Don’t believe it when they tell you Ebola has to be spread by direct contact…

  52. Obama’s Policies Have UNIONS Seeing RED!!

  53. The Open Border Problem in the Southern USA is NOT about Hondurans. Read the report on what is going on:

  54. Three Things I Know for Sure and you should too:

  55. New Poll Shows Americans Want To Kick Democrats Out Of Congress

  56. Egypt Prepares To Turn Its Guns On Hamas And ISIS (VIDEO)

  57. Veteran unable to walk, talk told by VA he should go to work


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