My Article Read (7-28-2014)


Freedom Of The Press2


  1. White House Furious That Israel Dismisses John Kerry’s Impertinent Buttinsky Behavior – White House Tells Israel If Kerry Is Criticized They Will Not Be Friends…

  2. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  3. Heads Up Indiana ! – Second American Aid Worker Has Fully Presented Ebola in Liberia – Family of First Victim Flew Into U.S. “about a week ago”….

  4. Steadfast – Prime Minister Netanyahu Tells Israel To Be “Prepared For A Prolonged Campaign” To Crush Hamas…

  5. Newt Gingrich on Gaza

  6. Judge Jeanine Pirro: Are Christians Worldwide In Danger From Radical Muslims?

  7. Pentagon Lost Track of Thousands of Firearms in Afghanistan

  8. Eyes on the Line

  9. Quote Of The Day — July 28, 2014

  10. Obama: “Muslim Americans Built Fabric of Our Nation”

  11. Obama’s Brother Joins Hamas?

  12. Abbott and Costello Explain Common Core Math

  13. Who’s really waging the ‘war on science’?

  14. Hey, Dems, THIS alone puts the kibosh on your impeachment fear-mongering frenzy

  15. New poll says majority of Americans regret reelecting Obama

  16. The truth about the Palestinian myth

  17. Michelle Obama on 2014 Election: Liberalism Is On the Line

  18. Pelosi: Qatar tells me Hamas is a humanitarian organization

  19. Obama’s offensive ‘rise or fall together’ reeks of socialism, angers Americans

  20. Sarah Palin challenges Washington Post ‘wusses’: Investigate Obama like you did Nixon

  21. A Tunnel Too Far

  22. ‘Sounds like socialism to me’: Obama’s call to ‘rise or fall together’ meets resistance

  23. Egypt Standing with Israel against Hamas and Turkey

  24. One Season Will Overtake Another


  26. My Sincere Apology To Gays

  27. 10 Things This Huffington Post Writer Got Wrong About Hell

  28. A NEW START IN A NEW YEAR–First Step


  30. The Unseen Army

  31. The Plantings of the Lord

  32. The Obama Doctrine Applied to Israel – EXPLAINED

  33. Egypt Army Destroys 13 More Gaza Tunnels

  34. It’s canning season and some prepper advice…

  35. Several hundred Iraqi Christians at WH chant: “Obama, Obama, where are you?”

  36. Boko Haram raids Cameroon. Kidnaps vice prime minister’s wife.\

  37. Restraint?

  38. Victims:

  39. Putin is waging war while the West is talking sanctions

  40. River in China mysteriously turns bloody red overnight




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