My Article Read (7-26-2014)


Freedom Of The Press


  1. Steve Stockman & WND Visited Border Friday Night

  2. US Fighter Jet Escort for Canadian Flight

  3. A Reply To Ann Coulter – Mark Levin

  4. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  5. Another “Global Warming” Hypocrite Smoked Out.

  6. 350 Illegal Alien Families Sent To Live In South Carolina… Media Keeps Saying “children”

  7. Israel Winning Fight Against Hamas – Hamas Fighters Fleeing Positions – Abandoning Weapons and Posts…

  8. Obama is a lazy, part-time president

  9. Quote Of The Day — July 26, 2014

  10. Atheists Work with IRS to Dismantle First Amendment and Attack Churches

  11. White House Says Amnesty Order Will Raise Likelihood of Impeachment

  12. Hamas Mega-Attack Planned Through Gaza Terror Tunnels

  13. Truth in labeling

  14. Quote of the week – the last word on ’97% consensus’, now in a bumper sticker

  15. These Libs Tried To Silence Ted Nugent, But He Fired Back So Hard They Didn’t Know What Hit Them

  16.  Regarding one another through the eyes of the Holy Spirit…


  18. Man of God: Tell the truth.

  19. Jumping Into Nothing

  20. America Must Have a Great Awakening

  21. Four Meanings of Faith

  22. Why did God use the plurals US and OUR in Genesis 1:26?

  23.  Have you had your daily dose of manipulation today?…

  24. Video of the Day: Hamas forgets to remove terrorist’s suicide bomber’s vest before funeral.

  25. What If….

  26. *chin drop*

  27. Seriously?

  28. Putin’s “sinister, lonely life”

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