My Article Read (7-21-2014)


News, Guy


  1. Deep Oceans Are Cooling Amidst A Sea of Modeling Uncertainty: New Research on Ocean Heat Content

  2. Sea Ice News Volume 5 Number 4 – Are polar satellite sea ice sensors going wonky?

  3. Claim: we should all be vegetarians to stop global warming

  4. Remember those kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls? Celebs don’t.

  5. Americans Protest Illegals as High-Profile Conservatives Pander – And Then A Fight Erupted

  6. First Principles – by Treeper Cetera

  7. Libya – Fighting At Tripoli Airport Kills 47 – Libyan Government Asks U.N. For Help Against Hardline Islamists…

  8. Despite Bomb Threats, Ten Thousand Attend Huge Pro-Israel Rally in NYC

  9. Media Blackout: Major Military Operation in East Ukraine. 496 Civilians, 1600 Soldiers Reported Killed

  10. The Coming Christian Revolt Against Persecution

  11. Laundry day

  12. Obama Fiddled While America Burned

  13. Brilliant, or too much time on their hands?

  14. President Obama’s First REAL Crisis

  15. Quote Of The Day — July 21, 2014

  16. I Smell a Rat…in the Oval

  17. Surprising no one, California loses another business to Texas

  18. President “Ribbon Cutter” spends the weekend at Camp David to enjoy some “family time”…

  19. Hero: Gov. Rick Perry sending National Guard to border…

  20. Here is the sign all restaurants need…

  21. Pushing Agendas

  22. Deception is not Harmless.. it can and does kill

  23. The Experience Of Grace

  24. she was desperate for healing

  25. Christianity v. religious rule-keeping

  26. As we forgive (Or: About that class reunion last night…

  27. Drinking New Wine

  28. John Wesley’s Secret to Making Disciples

  29. “Persecuted” Actor, Dedicated to God in His Mother’s Womb, Hits Back at Anti-Christian Bias in Hollywood: Exhorts Christians Too

  30. Images With Verses

  31. Be Subject to Government~

  32. 3 Reasons Ministers Should Go to School

  33. Ukraine is Now Putin’s You Tube Video

  34. 2 minutes in one day

  35. This is a man with no soul…

  36. ‘After 2,000 years,

  37. 45 years ago tonight……”One small step

  38. Glenn Beck is a fake

  39. How the Media Uses Appeal to Emotion to Distract from Issues

  40. It’s a pain that often goes unrecognized. Here, with unflinching honesty, one woman reveals the silent agony of being granny of a stillborn baby

  41. Totally against binding Citizen’s Initiated Referenda

  42. What A Coward


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