My Article Read (7-15-2014) (7-16-2014)


Good News


  1. President Obama reveals ‘big motto’ for Congress: ‘Do something’

  2. Exclusive! Has Ted Cruz found damning footage of IRS, FEC misconduct? [pic]

  3. Rihanna tweets ‘#FreePalestine’ hashtag, then deletes it

  4. ‘The shame is entirely on Hamas’: Actor Mark Pellegrino schools the ‘blame Israel’ crowd

  5. Cher sends condolences to people of Detroit

  6. UK Government Study: Greens use more electricity than skeptics

  7. Obama’s touchstones, breaking badder

  8. One From The ” GEE, NO SHIT ” File.

  9. Quote Of The Day — July 15, 2014

  10. Democrats To Republicans: ‘Give Obama His $3.7 Billion, Or We Won’t Deport Illegals’ – Democrats Refuse To Change 2008 Trafficking Law Unless GOP Give Obama $3.7 Billion…

  11. Peggy Joseph 2008: “Obama gonna pay my mortgage” – – – Peggy Joseph 2014: “He lied about everything.”

  12. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  13. Posted Without Comment Because Such Visible Moonbattery Deserves To Stand Alone….

  14. Obama: Islam Shares “Values of Peace” With Other Religions

  15. Dear Congress: About Those Hard Drives — If You Aren’t Part of the Solution…

  16. Chicago Blacks Turn on Obama

  17. Why Obama will do nothing about the border crisis

  18. The only thing our elected officials can find to do is worry about free birth control for women?…

  19. President “Ribbon Cutter” at his shuck and jive best…

  20. Guest Post: M.D. Creekmore: If You Don’t Put Together Your 72 Hour Survival Kit Now You’ll Hate Yourself Later!…

  21. Lamar Alexander Refuses To Debate?

  22. An Interesting Comment

  23. Profane Worship = Worship Pornography


  25. The Power Of Words

  26. . . .you are made acceptable in Christ

  27. What if Christ took a city

  28. Exposed and Judged Openly, for all to See…

  29. Harry Reid Yesterday: “The Border Is Secure” ! – White House Today: “Um,… well,… uh, Ahem”….

  30. Nailed It !! – Report: Israel and Egypt Told John Kerry To Stay Out of Ceasefire Negotiations – But Secretary Kerry Kept Insisting…

  31. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  32. Wolverine Report: Border Patrol Agents Threatened To Defy Orders and Stand Down If DHS Used Force On Murrieta Protestors…

  33. NIMBY Comes To Washington – The Pesky Peasants Are Awake – President Obama Tries To Hide The Illegal Alien Shipments While An Entire Nation Plays Whack-a-Bus…

  34. The Galapagos Olympics 100-yard dash, day three

  35. Texas governor vows to protect border

  36. GM is alive. Drivers are dead. Any questions?

  37. Released Alien Arrested for Murder, Kidnapping

  38. Seniors in the Senate

  39. More Heartbreak & Incompetence at the VA

  40. From The “WHAT Are They Smoking” ??? File.

  41. (Video) The Middle East problem explained

  42. ‘Who is that douchebag?’ Michelle Malkin’s ‘hatemailer of the day’ hilariously strikes out [pic]

  43. A personal update

  44. Infamous ‘Obama will pay my gas & mortgage’ groupie: ‘He lied about everything’

  45. House passes $22B bill cutting IRS tax enforcement

  46. As Anarchy Spreads Worldwide…

  47. The Four Horsemen of the American Apocalypse

  48. Hundreds of cities fight back against ‘invasion’

  49. Message to London’s Useful Idiots

  50. A Little Hump Day Humor: Dear Kitten…

  51. Chicago blacks pile on Obama: “Do something for our children.”


  53. Let Everything Lead to Thanks

  54. Look Up Into The Skies






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