My Article Read (7-13-2014)




  1. Senator Mark Begich (D-AK) apparently has trouble with the Constitution

  2. Illegals Released In U.S. Given Three Years Until Court Date

  3. Reports: ‘Nearly 100 firefighters’ battle building fire in Hollywood [pics, video]

  4. One month later: MSM confirms #justablogger Michelle Malkin’s scoop on illegal alien flights to Mass.; DHS lies exposed

  5. ‘Impossible to read a major Sunday paper’: Rob Lowe comments on the sad state of what newspapers have become

  6. ‘It is Hamas that bears full responsibility’: Netanyahu vows Israel will use ‘any means necessary’ to stop Hamas

  7. The Office Of Refugee Resettlement – Facilitators For A ‘Manufactured Human Crisis’

  8. IDF: “Ahmed this is a courtesy call. We will be bombing your home. You should evacuate.” Ahmed: “I’d rather be martyred.”

  9. EVIL PLOT EXPOSED: Obama Bankrolled Catholic And Baptist Churches From 2010 To 2013 To Prepare For His Planned 2014 Illegal Alien Youth Invasion « Pat Dollard

  10. EXPOSED: Catholic Church Asking People To Shelter Illegal Aliens But Not Tell The Media « Pat Dollard

  11. Mark Levin: ‘The Vast Majority Of Americans Cannot Believe That Somebody Doesn’t Stand Up To’ Obama « Pat Dollard

  12. Nebraska gov, Illinois senator say White House sending illegal immigrant children to their states without notice

  13. Fired Up : Judge Jeanine Pirro – Opening Statement About Border Crisis and President Obama…

  14. Stand-up comedian, legal immigrant, answers CNN’s condescending question on illegals perfectly

  15. Woman tells how she drove her Mercedes to get food stamps; story explodes

  16. MOONBAT OF THE WEEK – Democrat Rep O’Rourke of Texas

  17. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Ella, Daddy and Elvis

  18. The View From the Front Line

  19. Quote Of The Day — July 13, 2014

  20. Does The GOPe Have A Death Wish ?

  21. WWII vet says HOA won’t let him fly US flag – Tea Party Command Center

  22. Coldest Antarctic June Ever Recorded

  23. Lerner Incriminating Email Found – House Files Order for Her Arrest

  24. Jalapeno Cheese Bread: Puffy vs Free-form…

  25. Hello, Goodbye (Guest Commentary)

  26. Mystical “experience of unity” in unexpected place…

  27. Sick of way things are? Here is how to pray for revival.

  28. The Blade Of Betrayal

  29. Top Ten Barriers to Making Disciples

  30. Amy’s Testimony “Jesus Is My Mother”

  31. Ezekiel’s Prophecy in 38 and 39 – Coming!

  32. The Lord says, Beware the four Wreckers


  34. A Pastor’s Guide to Calling Off Church For Snow

  35. Weekend Edition: Allahu Akpoop – NOT Martha’s Vineyard!!!

  36. Cooking bacon with a machine gun

  37. ‘Her Unspeakable Woes

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