My Article Read (7-20-2014)




  1. Oak Ridge Boys’ Joe Bonsall, Elisabeth Hasselbeck tell us how they really feel about Rosie O’Donnell

  2. Nickname downgrade suggested after Valerie Jarrett calls Obama ‘the bear’ [pic]

  3. Is this a joke? The White House has gotta be kidding with this email subject line

  4. ‘This isn’t theater’? You sure could’ve fooled us, Mr. President! [pic]

  5. Rep. Stockman: We just filed resolution to have Lois Lerner arrested

  6. Syria Terrorists Receive 2nd Batch of US Anti-Tank Missiles

  7. Another Obama Vacation Coming Up

  8. Dan Joseph – Yeah, The Border Crisis *IS* Obama’s Katrina Moment, The Difference Is The Media (Video)….

  9. During White House Protest – Immigration Leftists Quickly Realize They Better Shut Up When Dan Joseph Brings The Sunlight…

  10. Report: Democrats To Use Thad Cochran’s Mississippi Strategy In all 50 States – To Avoid Mid-Term Losses…

  11. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  12. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  13. Mississippi GOP Fraud Exposed – True The Vote Asks Federal Judge For Restraining Order As Mississippi GOP Are Found Destroying Evidence of Voter Fraud…

  14. Jesse Jackson: What Border Do I Cross To Get Some Of That $3.7 Billion ?

  15. Judicial Watch VS IRS – Lawsuit Judge Gives IRS 30 Days To Detail “under oath” How Emails Went “Missing”….

  16. Target’s New Anti-Gun Policy Just Backfired, And Only They Are Surprised

  17. News Media to White House: Stop Manipulating Us

  18. Pro athletes to ask troops for military ID prior to giving up first class seats

  19. No football team left behind

  20. Bovine economics

  21. The Left Officially Declares War on God

  22. Obamacare is Bad News for Your Wallet Today and Worse News for Your Wallet Tomorrow

  23. Gaza air raids a message from Israel to Iran

  24. Next Up – The US Virgin Islands

  25. A word about my troll…w/Update

  26. Obama makes statement about the border situation…

  27. Turning Your Prayers Around

  28. Healing Your Orphan Heart

  29. Church Activity Is Not a Blueprint for Spiritual Growth

  30. Messianic Jews and Arab Christians Gather to Pray Together Amidst Violence in Israel

  31. Prophecy For Hollywood – God Says, “I Am the Game Changer”

  32. Depression and Trying to Keep Your Head Above the Water

  33. Julie Price: The Remnant’s Rising!

  34. Does the Bible Teach Karma?

  35. yet another academic idiot:

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