My Article Read (7-6-2014)





  1. To the Pentagon, Congress Does Not Exist: Secret Troops in Somalia Since 2007

  2. New York City Revenue Trap Accidently Snares Someone Who Matters

  3. Michelle Obama is a transsexual?

  4. It’s Not the Occupation, It’s Islam

  5. MSNBC Shocker: Nearly 9 in 10 Support Constitutional Carry

  6. Seattle Muslim Targets and Murders Homosexuals

  7. “Secure this border Mr. President”

  8. Japan braces for Typhoon Neoguri [pics]

  9. ‘Audience in tears!’ Dinesh D’Souza hits another home run with ‘America’

  10. ‘Partisan hack’: ABC’s Martha Raddatz ripped for ‘dishonest’ interview of Rick Perry

  11. A Fence for a Mouse

  12. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Are You a Hero?

  13. Quote Of The Day — July 6, 2014

  14. Cochran’s black democrat voters reckon that it will soon be payback time.

  15. #RaiseTheWage: Seattle businesses push back against minimum wage increase

  16. Quote of the Day, post-July 4th zinger edition

  17. If It Fits, It Ships – But They Didn’t Say Anything About “Delivery”: Alabama U.S. Postal Worker Takes A Divergent Approach To Delivery…

  18. Media Malpractice – The Obama Regime Must Be Defended – ABC’s Martha Raddatz Olympic Sized Water Carrying…

  19. That Awkward Moment….

  20. Todd Starnes Discusses Source Leaks From Inside Illegal Alien Temporary Detention Camps – And Treeper Research on Contractor “BCFS”…

  21. Petition Drive To Repeal Houston’s LGBT & Transsexual Bathroom Law Wins Big

  22. Has Barack Obama Ushered in 1984 ?

  23. WOW! Bob Costas calls out MSNBC for their ‘politically correct BS’!? » The Right Scoop –

  24. Berkeley to require marijuana dispensaries to provide free weed to low-income residents

  25. Mickey Gilley: Stand By Me…

  26. Reaganite’s SUNDAY FUNNIES

  27. Survivor’s Manual (Guest Commentary)

  28. Matthew 24:4-13 (KJV)

  29. Religious commitment and health, well-being, quality of life…

  30. Your Line In The Sand

  31. Christian Coaching-A Multiplying Method for Making Disciples

  32. Joy, Happiness, and Thankfulness

  33. Victory on Every Side!!

  34. Power, Glory Poured Out: The Results will…….

  35. Who Should Vote?

  36. Child Abuse Excuse

  37. Sign me up

  38. Police State tactics

  39. Full Ahead, HMS Dhimmi!

  40. David Cameron

  41. That’s racist, that is!

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