My Article Read (7-4-2014)





  1. Marion Barry: Living in DC is pretty much the same as being a slave

  2. ‘At least be original’: Salon’s attempt to ruin another holiday given a wedgie, sent home

  3. ‘Huh?’ 1D’s Niall Horan shows love for wax Obama on Independence Day

  4. ‘Dear King George III: It’s not me, it’s you’ [pic]

  5. Milwaukee school board president asks who elected Michelle Obama to dictate school lunches

  6. Barack Obama to China, India: Please Slit Your Throats for Me

  7. Dumb on the 4th of July

  8. Funny Friday – July 4, 2014

  9. I’m Putting Up The Flag

  10. Quote Of The Day — July 4, 2014

  11. Why George Takei is an Idiot

  12. 4th of July is AMERICAN, Cinco de Mayo is NOT

  13. “He Was A Good Kid”… 16-year-old Dayton Ohio Teen Killed During Armed Robbery As Family Begins The Trayvon Martin Process….

  14. The Price Of Liberty

  15. Musical Aliens

  16. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  17. Happy Fourth of July!

  18. HHS releases 1,296 pages of regulations ahead of holiday weekend

  19. On the birth of a nation

  20. America’s Challenge….. by AFVet

  21. By the Dawns Early Light, or America’s Last Independence Day?

  22. Happy Independence Day

  23. Independence Day…

  24. Why We Celebrate

  25.  Prophetic Reality Check


  27. Happy Dependence Day

  28. The Star Spangled Banner

  29. Independence: It’s what makes liberty possible

  30. Lighted Steps

  31. The Most Important Skill of a Disciple Maker

  32. Can a Saved Man Fall From Grace?

  33. A Prayer for the United States of America…

  34. Word of Warning for America!

  35. Lesson 04a – Religion Expressed: Politics

  36. For our American friends:

  37. What an effing weasel Cunliffe is!

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